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Posted by nickyvegas

i can't wait to see more. That looks sweet

Posted by Aeterna

Short, yet making me curious.

Posted by Osaladin

Multiplayer snow levels?!! Gillie suit, snow edition?!! Underwater?!! I want it now!

Posted by TooWalrus

Looks great, I like the change of scenery. Can't wait.

Posted by MjHealy

What is the Eastern Conference final?

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Posted by Aaox


Posted by MatthewMeadows

I know we all knew it was set in Russia again, but the Jet Ski that flies towards the camera has a red star on it so, yeah I guess that's 100% that Russia will be in MW2

Posted by pirate_neal

Eastern conference finals is a NBA  game match for the one person who asked..

Posted by Trnck

Snow Machines.

Posted by Reverseface

I love snow in general in games so this is a good choice. snow snow snoooooooow

Posted by deadly_polo

bish bash bosh, hole in my wallet and life

Posted by MeatSim

Basketball is a lot like a video game were you shoot dudes in the face apparently

Posted by urbaninja

wow, i think i'm nursing a semi after that.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

lolsports, But that footage was still awesome. I'll just have to look for it after it's inevitably uploaded.

Posted by HT101

That is some excellent footage.  Swimming underwater around giant kelp.  This is GotY, hands down.  Also, snowmobile fights?  Can this game get any better?

Posted by Jimbo

Wow, haven't seen a Snowmobile Sequence for a while.  And they're usually so good!1

Posted by EmptyQuarter


Posted by FireBurger

Looks like you'll possibly plays as SEALs this time...

Posted by Pibo47

Looks cool...for a soon-to-be overrated game.

Posted by Azteck

Is there any company besides Infinity Ward who can make 17 seconds of footage this exciting?!

Posted by Scroll

Did anyone notice the guns? I thought I saw a Steyr Aug. And something that looks like an AK with a folding stock. Well I hope we get some Bull pup weapons this time.

Posted by Tefferz

That guy doing a judo throw must be price! Check out the 'tache!

Posted by CoolDrMoney
Hey, The NBA found a way to make me care about FPS #1752990758!
Posted by lamegame621


Posted by Kohe321


Posted by TOYBOXX

If there is one thing I hate the most in video games it would have to be under water missions. The worst was Water Works in Socom 3.

Posted by lordofultima

YES Snowmobile battles in Russia! It's just as my dream had told me!!

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I'm sorry. I really can't get excited by 10 seconds of footage that shows nothing of what the actual game is like. Show me a demo of a full level and the Modern Warfare awesomeness might come back to me.

Also, this won't make me care about basketball in the slightest. I'd miss the trailer if it meant having to watch basketball. Besides, it will be released on youtube and other video sites shortly after.

Posted by GioVANNI


Posted by JoelTGM

lol yeah the hype is going to go through the roof on this one

Posted by Neezy007

Lol at people who don't know what the Eastern Conference finals are. NERDS!!!! Shooting games and playoff basketball cover some of the same age group, young males.

Posted by CitizenKane

Can't wait for it!  :)

Edited by John

Those trees are from the n64 version right?

Posted by HDCase


Posted by Media_Master

just keep swimming

Posted by IcySandman

Great, Steyr Aug's in this one.  I know what I'm usin!

Posted by Peach

I don't even care.
I want this bad... seeing as though WaW was such a let down.

Posted by splotto

Infinity Ward has a lot o live up to in my mind - I am hoping that this isn't just another minor version upgrade to COD 4

Posted by giyanks22

I wonder how many people will  watch the Eastern Confrence finals, just to see that preview lol...

Posted by nick69


Posted by iiNF3RNo

looks siik will watch on may 24th for sure

Posted by EvolutionX0

Game Looks Great So Far, Graphics look somewhat improved by little.

i guess those vechiles have made a return but snowmobiles in mutiplayer with someone at the back is not a bad idea,THATS AWESOME lol.
IW  never displeases people even with a 10 secound video.
Posted by Mjolnir

So this is going to be another thing like the Halo 3 trailer that was on during Monday Night Football? I guess I'm okay with that, though I'd like to know which teams will be playing.

Posted by Pikemoney

Be quiet Brad i Love basketball

Posted by natetodamax

Looks awesome

Posted by YoConraaa

Damn, I just jizzed my pants up...

Posted by dsplayer1010

I still haven't finished the first one.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

Ahhhhhhh cannot, absolutely cannot, wait...

Posted by NobodyHereButUsTrees

Awesome. I loved the AC-130 mission in 4, I hope this means there's a second.

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