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Posted by Devil240Z
@SmashedControllers: I love hip hop and I thought that song was didn't go with the video at all.
Posted by AjayRaz

hawt. i can't believe that song actually went well with the trailer.   
truly this is the age of modern warfare 

Posted by shades846

First of all what the hell with space? why in any reason would people attack the ISS given it got no weapons and second it part owned and built by the Russians and ESA and JAXA. The game looks good but it does seem like wow we have to top the last one. So they have go bat shit crazy and think of anything that could ever happen even though it's very unlikely. I kind of liked the first one because it seem more real and that this seems they given up on that, and they went for a modern fantasy setting.  

Posted by Chris2KLee

End credit mission on the ISS, BOOOO_YAHHHHH!!!!!

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I guess when Jeff and Ryan where joking about a new mile high club level on a space station......they were kinda right.
Posted by Mushir

Wait!? Eminem? What!?

Posted by phlegms

I came.

Posted by Capt_Ventris

Goddam I love being a Gamer
Posted by LeBart

Too much ? Maybe ? 
Snowmobile chase ? Boat chase ? Car chase ? Is this a Michael Bay movie ?

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Oh goddammit, I think the space part just sold me on this game.

Posted by GunnBjorn

I wish you all a wonderful experience with MW2. 
As for me... i'm not much of a CoD adept, so i'll pass on this one. 
Happy Gaming!
Posted by F_14_D_TOMCAT

WTF ?.  
Jar-Heads in space ?.

Posted by SUPERhys

Music just shows who the primary audience for this game will be.

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Bad fucking ass.

Posted by Jimbo_N

I really just want to start spitting The Rock quotes everytime I see green smoke. Damaged for life by that movie..
Posted by TromboneTony

Damn, and I thought the outer space comment was a joke.

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I got green smoke!  I GOT GREEN SMOKE!!

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the montage of helicopters falling from the sky seems to be an indicator that a nuke goes off in America.

Posted by PaulM

dude modern warfare in space

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@Jimbo_N said:
" I really just want to start spitting The Rock quotes everytime I see green smoke. Damaged for life by that movie.. "
Or, you know, just fall on your knees and scream. "YIEAAAAAAARRAAGGH!"
Posted by lawlerballer

lawl, no dedicated servers, no party chat, no thanks

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Great trailer, can't wait for this. Shame about the (for want of a better word) "music"

Posted by Killroycantkill

This seems to awesome to be good, every single time there is a new scene it's all explosions and action. I wonder if there are going to be any cool parts in the story like some of the more stealthy sections in COD4 or the sniper sequence.

Posted by Halz

I was digging the beat, but then Eminem accidently everything D:

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Posted by John

Did I just see SPACE footage?!?!!

Posted by ZeroCast
@Branthog said:
"Is that Skeletor?! "

My thoughts exactly. 
It seems to me that Ghost is going to have some role in MW2, a sneaking mission perhaps or something bigger?  
Either way, this new character looks interesting and might add a few twists to the storyline that I hope won't disappoint.
Posted by Jag40

Ok that's it i cant wait any llonger, i want it now! 

Posted by RHCPfan24

Well...that was epic indeed. They are in space????? Whoa....

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My God that was the most Epic Trailer I have seen in a long time, Great use of a Song as well

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Looks so fucking exciting, also, I love Eminem, but that song didn't really fit the trailer, imo.

Posted by cornwalliz

Space terrorism? SOLD!  This game is going to be epic

Posted by blue_meany

Man, I do not like Modern Warfare, it's far to...........American.

Posted by championfetus

we can finally add CoD to the list of franchises with space marines.

Posted by Jag40

Modern warfare 2 ON THE F***ING MOON !!!!!!! 


That video Was Unbelievable The Music Was great

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I am simply not interested
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Calm down folks. I'm sure the space sequence is something like the Al-Fulani bit from CoD4.
Posted by Zereta

I know the story and I'll just say this: The story indeed is TOO over the top to a point where it's cool and all but makes no sense. It was pretty disappointing compared to the 'realism' of the situation in COD4. 
The actual gameplay however, remains top notch.

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Fuck yeah! Awesome trailer, Im happy that they used an Eminem song that is actually good

And holy fuck, you go too space too?!

Posted by Afroman269
@John said:
" Did I just see SPACE footage?!?!! "
Posted by bandro

Looks like Activision made sure they got their money's worth with Eminem and 50 Cent...!