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Posted by lukeyk

Wow these guys are modest.
Posted by bombHills

I feel the anger about the pricing, but it probably won't stop me from buying it.

Posted by TigerDX

Dude, what month is 30? Sanjugatsu?

Posted by RandomInternetUser

I hate how trailers for games like this always are so fake.  The teams are always together, taking tons of fire, yet it all somehow misses most of them and they're all "military" with their commands.  It's just so fake and laughable.

Posted by Clembo

What a waste of hard earnt points.

Posted by MeatSim

I have moved to Bad Company 2 so no thanks.

Posted by eagle

Not for $15.
1. $15 is a quarter of the full game price. The full game has SP and MP. So this mappack is as valuable as half the multiplayer or singleplayer? I don't think so.
2. As a PC gamer, we have an enormous modding community. So we never paid for 'new' maps, and we're not starting now.

Posted by Illmatic

Funny commercial but the price is still way too high for me to buy first day. I really need to think about that, though I do need something to fill the gap between now and Super Street Fighter IV...other than Street Fighter IV.

Posted by LOZZAT

I would like new spec ops missions instead. map packs are... meh...

Posted by teh_destroyer

DO want, cant wait!

Posted by Adziboy
@Meatsim said:
"I have moved to Bad Company 2 so no thanks. "

Posted by Daniel


Posted by VanderSEXXX
@Meatsim said:
" I have moved to Bad Company 2 so no thanks. "
Same here! :D
Posted by FighterOfFoo

1200 MS Points.

Posted by Jehuty_X

"I take  your bad maps, and raise you worse ones." - Infinity ward

Posted by AnEternalEnigma

Too expensive. I'll buy this when it's a deal of the week or something. Anyone who bends over and buys this DLC is supporting gouging and higher DLC prices. It may sting, but it's reality.

Posted by 234r2we232

Fun game. Shame that the community is made up mostly of cheating troll kids. Ah well.

Posted by Burns098356GX

I'm betting the price on XBL drops when it comes out on PSN.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Anyone who buys this is a fool

Posted by Champoo

Yeah, the biggest entertainment release is getting bigger, 15 bucks bigger.

Posted by miva2

ooh these maps look nice. especially salvage! i'm a sucker for snow levels xD
you can hide in a dog house, how awesome!
snow maps > non snow maps
i'd like to play these new maps. but yeah, paying just for a few maps while there's nothing wrong with the other ones...meh, maybe later. 
it has to be purchased twice to be able to play it on 2 different steam accounts on the same pc right? :/
steamfail :(

Posted by BiplaneMan

Who needs more Call of Duty when there's a new Battlefield game out?
Posted by prencher

Stimulated not to buy them at $15.

Posted by gunslingerNZ

The new maps look a little average, I think I might just boot up COD4 again instead...

Posted by Lukeweizer

So that's what a $15 map pack looks like...

Posted by sedition2

Overpriced? Definitely. But I can almost guarantee that it's not going to have a huge impact on sales. Modern Warfare 2 is like crack for millions of gamers. I'm willing to bet they'll pay 15 bucks for their fix.

Posted by PandaShake
I never realized since there's no dedicated servers, custom maps are a lot harder to get to in mw2. Man, Infinity Ward is cheap.
Valve needs to come out with a new counter strike.
Posted by dantheman1515

I love how the first 30 seconds of the video was just Activision sucking their own dick to sell a product and make money. That is a whole new level of prostitution.

Posted by Milkman

I agree with pretty much everyone that these maps are way overpriced but god damn, Crash is SO GOOD! I'm torn...

Posted by WilliamHenry
@daniel said:
Wrong game.
Posted by Death_Unicorn

For 520 Microsoft Points, maybe.
1200? Never.

Posted by DBoy

$15 to get grenade spammed to hell? 
I don't think so.

Posted by ChasingTheSun

Yeah, I'm sure they will be that action packed, rip offs.

Posted by LiquidS

Thank god BF:BC2 has come out, no need to even think about buying this.
Posted by decku

want to be robbed by activision, then buy it,1200 points ,5 maps,just crazy

Posted by TheHT

look alright, but on march 30 mount and blade warband comes out so yeahh.... then again i play mw2 on the ps3 so it's not like i could get it anyways.

Posted by angelangelv2

15 dollars for a bunch of repurposed maps.

Posted by Advertisement

If the price on PSN doesnt go down, thatll be absolute bullshit. $15 cus Microsoft bought the rights to the map pack. PS3 gets it a month later, cus they didnt do anything. It should be about $7 for PS3.

Posted by kagekage
@DavidSnakes said:
" Anyone who buys this is a fool "
You're talking about 98% of the population who own MW2. 
Its a ripoff, you're essentially paying $15 bucks for 3 new maps and 2 old maps you can just play on CoD4, which is a MUCH better game with MUCH better maps.
Posted by TomA

the first one looks good

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Stimulus package with a map named Bailout?
I think there may be a very topical theme going on here.
15$+loads of morons who will pay anything for maps=richer activison.

Posted by jakob187

I have never understood why Crash is considered to be such a good map.  I hate that map so much.  It's terrible.


1200p for Okish maps i dont think so...
if you people buy this crap,you know it will never go down only up,the price for maps that is
Not getting this garbage,BBC2 is a better game online and off

Edited by Mooshu

Wait a minute.
The good guy faction on Crash is TF141? What the dick. Wouldnt it make more sense to use the Rangers as they're basically the analog to the Force Recon faction from COD4? TF141 is the analog to the SAS. In fact all the maps except 1 use 141. Does infinity ward have some kind of hadron for British special forces?
That makes no fucking sense.
Oh well... not really planning on getting this anyway.

Posted by Meteora
@heartlessomen: Just about most players.
Though its still going to sell like hot pancakes; which is a shame because Activision needs to get a gripe of itself of not insulting or fucking over players.
Posted by Capum15

I'd buy the fuck out of this if it wasn't $15.
I loved Overgrown, Crash was okay. The others look interesting.
Still, $15? No thank you.

Posted by Jackal888

I am so glad I sold this game. I realized that online is not fun for people with jobs, women and other interests. For online shooting I use Killzone2 and Uncharted2 ( mainly Uncharted 2).

Edited by ryuken

even though I'm sure those maps will be fun I'm not impressed with that teaser at all, they made every battle look like all the players run to the middle of the map and blow each other away (insert cod joke here) no sniper shots no checking corner shot, no fp view, it just looked confined and jumbled.  
thats my friday morning bitch about something on the internet. stop 
FYI:  BFBC:2 pwns  &  MAG rules
Posted by hofmarskal

I switched to BFBC2 a long time ago. No, I stoped playing this game a long time ago:-)  
Became bored, way to fast with this game, and a map pack is't going to change that. 

Posted by SilentCommando

Besides the COD 4 maps,  the 3 new ones look pretty much the same.

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