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Posted by Mourne

P-Moly ftw.

Posted by rmanthorp

Fable 2 ftw! xD

Posted by rohanspear345

cant wait for fable 2!!! Interesting stuff

Posted by ComradeCrash

That was great!  I am excited for Fable 2.

Posted by Milkman

The video stops at 8 minutes. =(

Posted by roofy

it seems like hes hiding something.
which is totally strange for him

Posted by Milkman


Posted by Tarsier

haha poor Brad =P Peter was like "no no I didn't say that" and Brad was like "yes you did" to keep the interview moving lol

Posted by SlowHands

Brad is soooooooo lucky.  Peter Molyeux AND his latest creation.  Goddammit.

Posted by Endogene

those 2 voices combined.... wow

Posted by DualReaver

You guys got to interview Peter? Sweet!

Posted by Elk

I could listen to Peter talk forever, he has so much passion for the work that he does.

Where was this held? Was Vinny behind the camera?

Posted by Claude

I want those chairs.

Posted by Hangid

Wow. Amazing interview from GiantBomb.

Posted by Death_Burnout

That was an extremely good watch, and yeah i could listen for hours

Posted by KingOfIceland

Great interview. good to hear more about Molyneux rather than the game since there's already soooo much information about it out now.

hope you do more of these interviews

Posted by Dandy

its nice to see peter get talk honestly about his game

Posted by LionHeartWill

Awesome interview, can't wait to pick up Fable 2.

Posted by DougBuffone

Nice interview, you asked a bunch of questions that other people do not. Congrats

Posted by deaux

Good questions, good interview.  I'm looking forward to reading the preview (if embargoes permit).

Posted by dQuarters

Great interview, Brad.

Oh and invest in a tripod wouldja, Vinny? Handheld is good for exteriors or gritty, drunken, T-rated gamplay vids. But for classy interviews like this, a steady shot it best. Slap cam 1 on tripod. Hold cam 2 for your dramatic close ups.
Just a thought.
Posted by Schizoid

The camera is a tad... Wobbly. Good interview!

Posted by Alphazero

I like that guy. He's got a soothing voice.

I loved, loved, loved Populous. Looking forward to the DS version.

Posted by Berkie

 I like Peter, I want to believe him.

Posted by hanktherapper

I am really looking forward to Fable 2. I have always found Mr.  Molynuex's games interesting and fun on one lever or another. Even his flawed games like Black & White have fascinated me.

Posted by Arrers

Sweet. I'm super exited for Fable II

Posted by Torb

Very awesome interview. I loathed the idea of Fable II but since hearing all this stuff about it and seeing it in action I'm anticipating it far more.
Oh, and putting those controllers on the table like that and leaving them during the interview was an evil thing to do. I was hoping for a surprise live demo x.x

Posted by Steve_Ramirez

Holy Crap!!! This is a huge interview. Awesome Giant Bomb

Posted by Trilogy

sigh, wish i was brad right about now... i really wanna play fable 2

Posted by Daemon069

I wish Peter Molyneux was my dad. When I would have been younger, trying out for the school hockey/football/hockey team, Peter would be able to talk me up to myself to the point where I'd feel invincible. Peter "Pwnage" Molyneux FTW.

Also, Peter and Will Wright have to make a joint-effort game, just so I can see them interviewed at the same time.

Posted by neoepoch

Sweet, Designer Threads Intro Music.

Posted by j_meyer_13

Vinny needs to get a tripod for these sit-down interviews.   Awesome interview tho - hopefully Fable 2 is amazing as it sounds.

Posted by Darkstorn

Keep up the good work, Giantbomb!

Posted by EvilTwin

Molyneux is always such a great interview.  Can't wait for Fable 2.

Posted by Hexogen

Great interview! Interviews with Molyneux are always interesting. Fingers crossed that Fable II ends up being as good as it looks.

Posted by SentientMoustache
Posted by FLStyle

Great review, I enjoyed it lots.

I think it's great how an independent site like GB has some pull with the industry that gets them interviews you don't see anywhere else.

Posted by pisk

He's obviously exaggerating and doing it on purpose, 2indi4tripod.

Posted by zityz

Now just the wait.

Posted by Louis

Awesome interview, guys.
I can't wait to play Fable 2.

Posted by Riddler

Cant wait for Fable2

Posted by MrKlorox

I think Peter tries to convince himself that his games are great more than he tries to convince us when he speaks.

Posted by I_am_Lono

Being british myself and living in the UK I can tell you that Peter has the most boring voice I have ever heard.!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I have yet to see why I should buy this game. I am cautiously optimistic though.

Posted by Rio

Awesome interview, thanks for putting this up guys.   And nice work Brad.

Posted by mrfluke
" im gonna play more fable 2 while you guys are gonna have to wait till next month" harsh shoemaker :)
Posted by Crono

Wow I can't believe he mentioned Magic Carpet.  I played that with the 3D glasses and all.  It was fun but by no means memorable... which explains my surprise that he even mentioned it.

Posted by Scratch

Nice location. I'm assuming this was at Lionhead or somewhere related?

Posted by Kohe321

Great interview, Brad!

Posted by Vaxadrin

The Molynator just Molynated the whole fucking website.

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