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Im not understanding much of what this guy is saying

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i can't this guy seriously!

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That is one thick Japanese accent they got going there for that voice over.

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Monster Hunter is so stupid.

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Good Ruck!

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Sooo...I'm supposed to spend $250 on PSP GO  to play a PS2 like game..PASS

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@Milkman said:
" Monster Hunter is so stupid. "
Not in Japan it isn't. Why? I don't know. I just got back from there a week ago and everyone and their grandmothers play Monster Hunter.
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Heheh the accent =P But I suppose if you can't understand it, then you probably wont like the game much. I really wish more people would get into monster hunter over here because its one of the best PSP games out there. 3 or 4 player co-op is insanely fun, but its hard to find people to play with over here obviously because we dont live on a super populated wifi enabled island where everyone plays monster hunter.

So if you have atleast 1-3 friends with PSPs, give this game a try! Its a really deep and rewarding game to play with friends. Tons of dragons and monsters to fight, and the game is pretty damn challenging so its always a rush when you are fighting something tough.

Also, the character customization is INSANE. Did you see the 52 pages of helmet armor that the guy in this video could make? 8 items per page, thats 416 different helmets. And thats not all of them either.

The game has a really interesting and fun mix of strategy and action. Your running around slashing or shooting the dragon and whatnot, but theres more to it than that, you could get make a net, combine it with a trap tool from the shop and build a pitfall trap, lure the dragon into it and beat the shit out of it while its trapped, or if the dragon is giving you some trouble when it whips its tail around to hit you, why not get a swordsman to CUT IT OFF. Or lure a dragon with big horns into charging into a wall, its horns will get stuck in it.

So yeah, very rewarding game if you have friends, I wouldn't bother too much with the single player, its fine and all, but its nowhere near as fun as playing with some friends. When you get that rare carve and craft some badass katana, all your friends get jealous. its awesome.

the game is around 200+ hours long, if you wanted to completely finish it, so its worth the money for sure! Get some friends, give it a try! If you have nobody to play with, but you really wanna play this game, If you have a PS3 you can download adhoc party from the japanese PSstore, then you can play psp with others over the internet, you can also use Kai on the PC, but thats much harder to set up, and you need the right router.

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I have absolutly NO clue how that looks insanely fun. It looks boring and repetative.

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i like the other two monster hunters games on the psp and im actually looking forward to this one.

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Assy game looks like ass.

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Monster Hunter is an excellent game.  I love how much of an item management and collecting makes most of  the variations in gameplay.

 It's no surprise that it didn't review very well. It's not the kind of game a game reviewer would like to spend time with.....It takes a lot of time, even the tutorial is extensive. 

 Skipping the tutorial for this game and just starting because you think it will play like any other game will just leave you confuse and frustrated in less than 15 minutes. so be ware. 

  The fact that it doesn't do well in the US just makes me sad, but hopefully people over the UK will find it more appealing. If not, there's still Lost planet 2, that is basically the same concept ( and in many cases, same animations) but with a more western hook.
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I really like Monster Hunter. But I can't play it.
It has a great art style and cutting a huge sword through the belly of a beast just feels good!
..but it's plagued by poor controls and UI, which makes it a struggle to play. If you can deal with that it's genuinely a good game.

I never played it coop so I don't know if it gets harder further in if you're playing alone. It's not an easy game to begin with.

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I feel decieved. The man said that power comes from within. From what i learned it comes from going up in level and earning xp.

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@slaneesh:  Actually there's no leveling  in MH. There's a ranking system tho, but it means what  "level" missions you can take.

  This game is more on the lines of collecting items from the environment to mix them into useful items and improving your equipment. If you can find multiple people to play with, you can lessen the burden by sharing whatever specific items they need to create the tools they need for each hunt.
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this game is sooo much fun when you have other people 

to play withme and my brother used to play alot it was awesome
if you're by yourself it is ok and can get boring tho

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I raff I ruse?

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@bane63 said:
" Good Ruck! "
My thoughts exactly.
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Where is the subtitle?!

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Many of the comments here are rather unfortunate to say the least, BUT... Capcom employs plenty of native English speakers in Japan.

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Its not hard to understand what he is saying.  I am actually fairly interested in playing monster hunter and would like to play it on the psp go, but that price tag is really gonna hold me back.

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ReTarDedFisHy's most-awaited PSP game of 2009, even more so than Dissidia: Final Fantasy.
Can't wait.

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Right on the UI (though they fixed a lot of the irritating issues in Unite - not all, sadly), but I have to disagree on the controls. The heavier weapons are really heavy, so they're *meant* to be laggy. If you use sword and shield there's very little downtime and you can react quickly, but on the other hand, you do a lot less damage. If you use the greatsword, well, you really have to be sure you want to swing that big old sword, because once it's in motion you can't stop it. You have to be a lot more careful with your attacks when packing a heavy weapon. But of course, as you observed, it's a lot more rewarding when you connect and send a truck-sized monster reeling back.
The auto camera positioning can sometimes be silly, though. The dodge system is weird but you get used to it after a while.
I've soloed through most of the game - reached HR8 without going multi. It's not easy, but it's possible, especially if you diversify and learn more than one or two weapons. It's a hella lot more entertaining than dungeon-crawling in a regular RPG, at any rate.
And btw, you don't need the PSP GO for this game. Anyone who claims you do is just trolling. Go pick up a regular PSP.
Heh... seriously though, no XP in this game. A noob with high-end armor and weapons will still get owned if he tries to take on serious opposition, or anything even resembling serious opposition.
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I think this game looks awesome, but man, that voice-over is priceless!

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Is this guy Japanese? I can't quite tell from his accent.

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Encyclopedia Gigantica, thats one funky name!

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This looks really cool. :)

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good ruck and good hunting

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I own Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and I really want to get into it but just can't stand the controls.

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I'm surprised by how many people are giving positive comments about this game. It seems the majority of "american" (I'm Canadian, and yet, on the continent of america, you greedy name stealing bastards!! :P) Are really not into monster hunter, and it was actually these games that made me hate gamespot. They gave each game a 3 or less and complained that it had no lock-on system and was therefore terrible.

That really pissed me off. Anyone who has played monster hunter at least half way through would know that you don't need a lock on system and if there was one, it would sorta ruin the game. Theres no skill in that.

Monster hunter requires skill, just like hunting in real life requires skill, you don't get to auto lock onto the deer in the woods kids, you gotta actually aim. These games are really rewarding, you have to work hard to get that next upgrade to your sword, or to get that new piece of armor, and when you do you feel great. Theres no better feeling than slicing off a dragons tail, or shooting it out of the sky and watching it crash to the ground. Or blasting the shit out of that basarios with your gunlance's "hyper beam"

Who doesn't love running up the volcano with pickaxe in hand to mine that rare rare ore? :) Or getting that ancient or rusted stone, and making a rare weapon :D Or making a Perfect steak with your new gourmet BBQ spit?!?! How about going into your kitchen and having your 5 hand picked gourmet chef cats cook you up a big meal!?! Or sending Trenya off on an adventure to bring you back treasure, and then see him sink half way across the lake?!

 Good times my friends. Good times.

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Its a pretty simple equation why Monster Hunter fails here and is a phenomena in Japan.  Japan has more PSPs per capita, they densely populate the towns and take mass transit.  Ad-Hoc becomes a viable multiplayer experience. You can sit in an apartment and find local Ad-Hoc games...  

In America, Ad-Hoc requires getting friends together who not only have a PSP (hard in itself) but also Monster Hunter.  Or buy Xlink-Kai which tricks your PSP into using a computer internet connection for multiplayer.

Anyways, its a fun game, but kind of like Diablo in that it requires multiplayer to be that much more playable.
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well first of all even tho his  Accent is kinda  thick  ; who cares really i can see the main points
 second of all yea playing   monster hunter  2 on ps2 - monster hunter freedom unite for psp and every game in between .i can say this game is fun but not to easy. and not a single time have i had the joy of being able to  play with a partner but none the less it is still fun , @ that person who said u can connect to  people thru ps3 (forgot the name) lol  ,  Oh  there is a way to connect online to other  people through the Ps3? , please explain