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Reminds me of Echochrome ( fantastic puzzler). I'll check it out.

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Posted by tbonesteak

Love the aesthetic

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Oh God, I need this in my veins.

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Posted by Fear_the_Booboo

This looks beautiful but sadly I only have a flimsy android device. It says coming soon on their website.

... waiting...

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Posted by Illuminosopher

Hey this looks interesting ... oh it's iOS whelp guess i will never play it then.

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Posted by BigD145

That pointy hat is not a fez.

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Posted by yyZiggurat

I like the art style.

Hey this looks interesting ... oh it's iOS whelp guess i will never play it then.

Same. Maybe they'll port it to PC or Vita.

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Loving the look, that music style is starting to hit me real generically though.

But hey, my iPod/Pad ain't exactly overflowing with GotY contenders at the moment so let's do it.

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Posted by mosespippy

You can't fool me. This is Fez 2.

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Posted by MeatSim

This place doesn't seem very handicap accessible.

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Posted by exelan

The little bird guys looks like the TeeFury mascot.

Check it.

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I played a bit of it today and so far it's great. It's apparently pretty short but I've already got my money's worth.

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Posted by Video_Game_King

Reminds me of Echochrome ( fantastic puzzler). I'll check it out. Fez.

For me.

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Posted by Sergio

Looks nice. Reminds me of more of Echochrome than Fez.

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Posted by Food

Nice back-door brag in the subtitle!

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Posted by Yorkin

We get it, you beat Dark Soul II. Congrats :D

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I hope someone clones this a la Threes so I'll actually be able to play it.

Not seriously, of course. This looks and sounds beautiful, I'm just bitter it's mobile-only.

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Posted by Gaston

The music sounds fantastic.. I need this soundtrack!

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Edit: Oh, iOS. Huh.

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Posted by SockLobster

dark souls 2 sure is relevant to this

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Was going to get this, but when i looked it up on my Ipad i saw FTL finally got it's IOS release today, so i went with that instead.

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Posted by ptys

Nice looking game for an indie.

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So beautiful to look at. Hope it comes to android.

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