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Posted by Aishan

Releasing trailers while a live show is on is a genius way of stopping the usual first-comment quest-stealing rush.

Oh wait.

Posted by mohawk

@Aishan: Goddangit!

Posted by ZeForgotten
@Aishan said:

Releasing trailers while a live show is on is a genius way of stopping the usual first-comment quest-stealing rush.

Oh wait.

Technically there's no live show on at the moment. 
Posted by Mystyr_E

"Story"? From the guys who made Turning Point and Legendary? Yeah this'll turn out fantastic

Posted by Shaanyboi

....looks okay? I dunno. Don't really give a shit about Lost Planet....

Posted by Game_Baron

That female character looks and sounds familiar...

Posted by Deranged

Doesn't really look like Lost Planet all that much. More along the lines of Red Faction: Armageddon and Dead Space but still interesting nonetheless.

Posted by Landon

Was anyone honestly asking for a Lost Planet 3?

Posted by Tennmuerti


That woman has a light shining out of her ass.

Hooray for amateur light effects going through objects making it into a trailer.

Posted by JackSukeru

I saw a bit of a livestream of this the other day, seems kinda interesting. It's weird how much it's not like the other games in the series, at least tonally. Lost Planet 1 for one was Japanese as hell.

Posted by fidgetwidget

@Landon: I was :D

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Oh man this looks like a game from 2009. What about Spark made Capcom think franchise revival solution?

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It's really weird how Capcom is handling this franchise, splintering it into two series. The Japan-friendly, multiplayer focused EX Troopers, and the single player focused, western developed Lost Planet proper. But at least it's interesting. And giving LP to a western developer should directly address the core problems with the clunky, loose aiming from the first two games.

Even though it's from Spark, a team with an iffy reputation, everything shown so far from Lost Planet 3 has looked cool. It's very promising and I hope it reviews well. I wouldn't mind it if Capcom resurrected Dino Crisis in this style.

Is there any survival element to Lost Planet 3 anymore though? Having to stay warm was a nice touch in the first game...

@Landon: I know I wasn't. But that's because I assumed Capcom would just continue doing what they were doing and pumping out messed up, clunky, disappointing shooters. As soon as they announced that they were going in this direction with it, and gave it to a western developer, and started showing it off, I got interested. Let's give this a chance, I say.

Posted by mattchops

Such visually lush environments this game is set in...

Posted by Veektarius

I guess everyoen here is tempering their expectations based on its pedigree, but I still think it looks slick, and about 50 times better than the Lost Planets that came before it.

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I like LP, but Capcom drops the ball a lot in this series. I think 2 was a bad direction, but the boss fights were cool as always.

Posted by MeatSim

I am skeptical of course but I am more fascinated by this then the first two Lost Planets.

Posted by Tsuchikage

I thought the first Lost Planet was okay, even with the slightly clunky gameplay and "WTF?" final boss. I ignored the second game. This trailer was cool (pun!), but I'm not sure it's going to be a good game. Capcom doesn't seem like it has a solid plan for this franchise going forward.

Posted by sins_of_mosin

I thought the first game was pretty fun thou the last boss fight was too 'japanish' for me.  The second game was just trash and should be forgotten.  So I hope they went back to the first game and improved on that and left the second in the trash.  Thou I'm not a huge fan of the 'running out of juice then die' game design choice.

Posted by MiniPato

Main character looks like John Cusack.

Posted by Arx724

I enjoyed Lost Planet at the time. It had a fun mix of on foot and mech combat, shooting weak spots is satisfying, the timer/heat thing wasn't too annoying and actually changed the way you played. The game looked good for its time, mostly because of the contrast of the enemies against the snowy backgrounds.

I enjoyed Lost Planet 2 only because it had co-op. The game seemed to lack identity and couldn't decide what it wanted to be. While the environments were more varied, at times they didn't mix well with the series' gun/mech gameplay.

I'm not too eager about a third game. Add to that that it's made by Spark Unlimited and runs on Unreal 3 in stead of MT Framework, and I'm not interested at all anymore.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Shouldn't they call it The Lost Planet?

I actually liked the first 2 games in the series a lot, this looks pretty good though, will definitely check it out when it hits.

Posted by ProfessorK

@Game_Baron: Looks a bit like Basil from LP 1.

Posted by Game_Baron

@ProfessorK: Exactly.

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Posted by freeman223

Nooooooooo ! don't tell me we're going back to a frozen waste. Lost Planet 1 lacked variance and reduced the games popularity, also i hope there's a little character customisation allowed, 'cause these vids all seem to be focused around a main character.