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Posted by AngryRedPlumber

Look great!

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Posted by b33

never had the chance to play okami :( 

Posted by Zelnox

Hmm, I would have expected the action to happen on the bottom screen and the map to be on the upper screen.

Posted by MisterMouse

I still wonder why they didnt decide to have all of the action on the bottom screen so there could be a seamless transition

Posted by KickahaOta

I hope the arrow next to the character (presumably pointing the way) is adjustable somehow; it seems to have high annoyance potential, especially when you're moving downward and it blocks the view of the character.
Posted by metalsnakezero

Aww, too cute :3

Posted by fillmoejoe

I should play the first game.

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Posted by AlmostSwedish

Looks just as boring as the first one :/

Posted by FatalError
@fillmoejoe said:
" I should play the first game. "
Yes you should.
Posted by m2cks

Still on the fence for this. I loved the original Okami on the PS2, but I'm not totally bought on a new one on the DS quite yet.
Posted by ashogo

It looks exactly the same as the first one.

Posted by BigChief

I'm amazed they could get the game looking so similar to the original on the DS.

Posted by warfather

i feel "cuter" wasn't the right direction.A better direction could be, "use the celestial brush to right... in blood."

Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny

i need a DS...

Posted by Ashby

Oh geez, adorable!
The weird sped-up gibberish voices still annoy me though. : (

Posted by garnsr

My God, it looks as good as the PS2 game!  I'd still rather play on a PS3, but I can't wait for more Okami however they give it to me.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Never played Okami, but this looks great. 
Great and adorable.

Posted by habster3

I despised the original, mainly because of that fucking voice! Looks like things haven't changed; I think I'll pass.

Posted by MeatSim

That dog needs to grow up so he can be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.