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Edit: Oh wait. Fast or obnoxious, eh?

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third so close >.<

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Posted by Anwar

is there any info on the roster? will there be the Klitschko brothers and/or Nikolai Walujew?

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Fight Night Champion's Champion?

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That is some pretty good elbow skin

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@Anwar: I hope so but most likely they will just list the basics and reveal the best ones later on.All I know so far is Winky Wright,Mayweather Jr and of course  Pacquiao  have been confirmed.
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Mayweather Jr isn't in the game and wont be from all I've heard. He had absurd contract requirements or something. 
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David Haye is in if nobody knew ^_^ 
And I know just making sure you don't get disappointed by the lack of Mayweather. :P 
I heard he wanted them to put his name in the title of the game...O.o If it's true then wow, and it's Mayweather Jr he is an ass like that :P

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Will this work with Kinect?  I would actually LOVE a boxing game for working out that doesnt suck complete ass with motion controls.  Not expecting the moon, but a game that goes beyond functional with a brand name would be good enough for now.

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Why is Sam Bishop in a fighting game?

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I would rather have a yellow mustard belt.

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@Branthog: Ali?Pacquiao?Hatton?Frazier?Or do you mean the new guys they cooked up for the champion mode?