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Posted by Sjupp

Do not want. I played the LEGO games to death from achievements.. Derp

Posted by cap123

ron still looks like a caveman

Posted by TadThuggish

I love Star Wars.  I like Batman and Indiana Jones.  I sort of like Harry Potter.   The Lego games have been fairly fun, the first LSW absolutely endeared itself to me, but if Traveler's Tales continues to never upgrade its gameplay then I can't imagine any more of these games lasting for too long.


I can't belive the developers actually are trying to make this sound like this crazy creative game experience. It's just fucking LEGO! Viritual LEGO...

Posted by armaan8014

WHY am I excited for this game?

Posted by Milkman

I'm so over this LEGO shit.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Ryan + Vinny QL for this game, please

Posted by soccerkid82

I personally can't wait.  It's long overdue...but I have to ask...what's next?

Posted by ahoodedfigure

What Lego really needs is a Sims style game, where you build your own house and town and make it grow and come alive.  I can't believe they haven't done something like that yet.

Posted by Cerogravian

I like and have enjoyed several of the LEGO-games, but these people are really missing the point/crazy/high when they start talking about immersion, fulfilling dreams and the gaming experience...

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I've played all of the LEGO games. I really like them.  But the TT guys are laying it on a bit thick.  It's not about "experiences" or "immersion."  It's about killing time with some brainless fun and another player.

Posted by Ben99

those lego games are for kids

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@Ben99 said:
" those lego games are for kids "
Why, because there is no murdering, sex and blood in it? I think they are good, clean fun for everyone, including adults. Hell, I am turning 28 and I had a total blast with both Lego Star Wars II and Lego Batman. But I agree that TT are clearly a one trick pony and stuck to their formula for years now.
Posted by Ben99
for kids "too" . happy now ? huh? tell me you tell me why the fuck would you make a big deal of a game ? You want me to shoot you ? God help me I will *ejects Condemned 2 game*
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@Ben99 said:

" @atomic_dumpling:   for kids "too" . happy now ?

*happy bark*  
*wags tail* 
*licks blood off the armor*
Posted by Ben99
that was funny I couldn't come up with a better one :?
Posted by MeatSim

You kind of lose any sense of immersion when everything is made out of LEGO's.

Posted by UnsolvedParadox
@Meatsim said:
" You kind of lose any sense of immersion when everything is made out of LEGO's. "
I like the mix of Lego and "reality", it's always done it for me so far.