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Woot woot for more dragons

EDIT: And Patrick's twitter finally gets me the quest YES!

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Oh boy! I really enjoyed this and now theres more of it!

Posted by bloodsoul5

Yesssssssssssssssssssss. Dragon's dogma was a fantastic game.

Posted by Mesoian

As long as it's well written and doesn't skimp on the features the way the main game did, I'm all for more Dragon's Dogma.

This has to be significantly substance filled right? They've already done their, "here's 100 more missions you REALLY don't wanna do" DLC, so there's no where to go but up.

Posted by Grissefar

Today: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Tomorrow: Super Dragon's Dogma II Turbo HD Edition

Posted by Rodin

dragons dogma was a pretty great game, i'm happy to play more, as long as its actually good and not just bland questing.

And also are they purposely trying to make really bad titles for this, cause dude come on.

Posted by BasketSnake

Arisen! Awakening! Reunion! Revengeance! Origins!

Posted by The_Ruiner

aww yeah!!

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I enjoyed Dragons Dogma's combat so I probably will end up geting this.

Posted by CharAznable

Uhh...alright. I was looking for something a little less cliche than adding "dark" to the original concept.

I hope this next game builds on the solid, engaging combat and delivers a more compelling story. The first game was fun, but the story was completely bland and uninspired. Most of the quests were very boring, too - a lot of "hey, go kill 5 of this monster."

Posted by paulunga

I'm still disappointed that there's no PC version of Dragon's Dogma. Capcom's PC versions are usually really solid, unlike say From Software's Dark Souls port.

Posted by WJist

Man, the end of that game went really crazy. I liked what I played, but a sequel that improves on the world and maybe improving some of the combat animations so they aren't so lengthy would be awesome.

Posted by radioactivez0r

There still hasn't been a decent sale on this game, and I want to play it. And now I wish they they would actually call it "Dragon's Dogma Next Year".

Posted by Swick

Definitely more dragons that need dogma-ing.

Posted by Typhus733

Hell yea, Dragon's Dogma is easily my game of the year and not only is it getting an x-pac but a patch putting in a hard mode and more? Right on.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I should really play this game, shouldn't I? It really does seem right up my alley.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

@paulunga said:

I'm still disappointed that there's no PC version of Dragon's Dogma. Capcom's PC versions are usually really solid, unlike say From Software's Dark Souls port.

Yeah, but they are usually delayed quite a while.

Posted by Coafi

Erm, is this like Dragon's Dogma 2? Or is just Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen? Is this a full fledged sequel, or just more content? I'm confused.

Posted by Bravestar

uuuuhh! I can't wait! I have a feeling I know where this will take place, because the buildings don't look like anything in the game.

@ArbitraryWater: you should

@Coafi: right next to the video: "expansion being released for the game in 2013."

Posted by UndeadPatPat

@Grissefar said:

Today: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Tomorrow: Super Dragon's Dogma II Turbo HD Edition

if only you could dragon upper in this game.

Posted by The_Last_Starfighter

Needs co-op.

Posted by Blind_Evil

Day one sale. Hurray Capcom!

Posted by JackSukeru

Not sure how I feel about this, kinda burned myself out on my playthrough of that game. I'm moderately interested at least.

Posted by cosi83

Dat cool

Posted by MEATBALL

Is this a stand-alone expansion, a Super Street Fighter IV style game that includes the original game as well as the extras or is it DLC?

Or is it a Dead Rising 2 Off the Record style remix?

Posted by cavemantom

I'll buy it, and I'll continue hoping for a PC version.

And I'll buy that, too.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

DD was my favorite game of this year, it easily the most interesting jRPG I've played I played in years. I didn't mind the other DLC being uninspired because the WHOLE POINT of it was to allow player going through their second or third play through to take on missions with more XP and cash bonuses attached.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Huh, cool. You don't see full-on "expansions" very often anymore.

Posted by Bumbuliuz

I really liked Dragon's Dogma, so I'm excited for this addon.

Posted by Questionable

Some sites have this labeled as a expansion, does that mean it might come with the main game and just built onto that like a previously undiscovered landmass?

Posted by Humanity

I think it baffling how Patrick gave the game a pretty low score all things considered for GB since only kinda subpar games get anything lower than a 4, went on at lengths how the game has a ton of flaws and he didn't like a large part of it - then go around and say "I dunno why people thought it's a bad game I had a ton of fun!"

If anything from his entire coverage I got that it was extremely subpar and not worth purchasing full price. Maybe he should voice his opinions a little better in an official capacity instead of somewhat slamming the game on the site and then in the informal Bombcast off handedly mention how he had "a ton of fun" playing it which somehow didn't translate to the review or score.

Posted by yoshimitz707

I really need to get back to this sometime!

Posted by thebigJ_A

Man, I need to get back into this. I never even got to the part where I hear it turns (even more) crazy.

I've been more than spoiled, though, by the upgrade Dark Souls got now that I can play it in beatiful hi-res with AA and ssao (among other things) on my pc. What I wouldn't give to see Dragon's Dogma done the same service!

Posted by Amethus

DD was pretty fun, I just didn't really care too much about the story or characters (until the post game). Here's hoping they make that better because it really was one of my favorite games this year.

Posted by CitizenJP

Never played Dragon's Dogma before. Looked cool though. Worth a shot? :o

Posted by zels

I'd buy it if it were out on PC.

I'm too afraid of loading times on consoles in open-world games to get it on the ps3, shame really.

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am i the only person who never had a problem with the title of this game? i like it actually, it's got panache.

Posted by seismicshock

Yeah, I'm excited about more dragons, but are they adding more dogma? because that's what I'm into

Posted by s810

Dragon's Dogma DLC that matters? I hope.

Posted by DriftSPace


I played the shit out of this on PS3 and not even once thought about load times.

Posted by Xeiphyer

Hell yes! I have to imagine this is just adding more areas to the main game and not continuing the story, right?

Posted by mrcraggle

I loved me some Dragon's Dogma. It had its fair share of problems but I put well over 80 hours into my first playthrough and played it almost non-stop. Really awesome game and I'm glad to see more. Hopefully this might even address some issues as well as add content. Too bad the Xbox version sold like shit compared to PS3 though. The PS3 Ur-Dragon is so far ahead of the one of the 360 but I haven't played it much since going to my second playthrough as enemies don't scale and it's pretty boring with no challenge. When you first face off against the Hydra, it's quite this epic battle as you're super weak and can barely damage it yet I managed to kill it in one hit so I want to see harder content for higher level characters.

Posted by ahgunsillyo

I must admit; I'm disappointed that this trailer wasn't set to the intro theme from the main game.