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seems like average point and click adventure...not that that's a bad thing.

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bah... I just got the first quest on screened but its very hard to get here...

Posted by TheChaos

I like it

Posted by DonutFever
@Kifftopher: More folks to compete with?
Posted by ashogo

This game has a bit of a messed up sense of humor, I like it.

Posted by Icemael

Man, I might pick this game up for the animation alone.

Posted by cikame

Something very attractive about this game... if it's a game, have yet to figure out anything other than touching objects to make them move slightly.

Posted by xanavi

This game looks a lot more like touch detective than phoenix wright. Either way, my interest has been piqued.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Looks pretty cool.  I'm a fan of naughty chandeliers, so this is right up my alley.

Posted by Tesla

If nothing else the music will probably be good in this game.

Posted by RagingLion

If I had a DS I would probably buy this.  I like the gameplay concept and I like the style.

Posted by ghostNPC

Gotta love this music.

Posted by masterpaperlink

Love everything ive seen so far

Posted by Kifftopher
@DonutFever: Yea, when a video is posted on Giantbomb it instantly gets a comment... I'm not patient/bored enough to just sit around refreshing the page hoping for a video to post so I can post a comment so it's pretty unlikely I'll get that quest anytime soon...
Posted by Imbalance

Naughty, naughty chandelier!

Posted by OkTank

Sound design is so phoenix wright....Good thing

Posted by MeatSim

Chandlers should know better then to drop on ladies who are apparently limbo champions.

Posted by sagesebas
@Kifftopher: I have noticed that too very difficult
Posted by MostlyImprov

Pretty stylish, if nothing else. Good to see some animation with a little life for a change.
Could be something like The Last Express, from what I've heard about that game, what with the real-timeness and all.

Posted by bybeach

A trip. I"d like to know what it all means.

Posted by Babylonian
@Meatsim said:
" Chandlers should know better then to drop on ladies who are apparently limbo champions. "
There's a joke here, I know it.
Posted by This_Dude

I'm a huge fan of the phoenix wright series, and so i'm excited to see how this game does.  looks pretty intersting, and i really like the art style and animation.