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Gimme soma that.

Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray

Way to bum me out, Klepek.

At this point, I just want to know what this game is. Besides a day one purchase, that is.

Posted by deadmoscow

Can't wait for this game to come out...sci-fi horror = best horror.

Posted by bybeach

Needs more voice acting and less game derived display. But I am interested.

Posted by jimmyfenix

Yup still looks good.

Posted by iBushido

And I stiiiiiiillllllllll really want this.

Posted by Atwa

I just want it already, my most anticipated game

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@rorie: puppy

Besides puppies, I also love this game's teasers.

Posted by deltaalphabravo

2015! *sigh* Too bad the world will have been obliterated in WWIII by then, :'(

Posted by Mitch0712

@cale said:

Gimme soma that.

I love puns! This is great :3

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I need you, SOMA.

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Developers need to stop announcing games so far in advance...especially when they look amazing :(

I think I'll just cryogenically freeze myself; someone wake me up when the game's been released.

Posted by SharkMan

need to see gameplay, not sure what this is. is it just going to be amnesia in space?

Posted by vrplumber

It'sa me, Soma kinda game-a.

Posted by SkippySigmatic

Can't say I'm thrilled by the voice acting or concept. Routine has me way more excited.

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Okay, alright, we'll see. I have a request of this game:

I would like to play a space station game that does not involve gameplay objectives consisting of getting down to the generators to turn on the power to get the computers and lights running but someone stole the generator fuel so you need to go to the hydro station to get more so you can take the elevator down the engine room so you can etc. etc. etc. -____-

That is boring shit and every space game does it.

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Leaking pipes are the real horror.

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@donutfever: Don't you mean "I need you SOMmuch!"

...eh, I tried

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I'm really excited for this game, but this trailer was rather boring.... and the voice acting.. may be out of context but doesn't seem too hot.

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Well, at least we'll have Routine to tide us over between now and then. Right, @patrickklepek? That's still on track for sometime this year, right?

Posted by dr_mantas

Call my interest piqued.

This might be too scary for me, however.

Posted by benjo_t

I'm Looking forward to this and Alien: Isolation. Happy to see some sci-fi horrors on the heels of contemporary and historical settings.

Posted by TDot

Hey, does anyone know of someone who does let's play of horror games who doesn't come off like a complete twat? As a complete pussy I can't really play these types of games but I really like the atmosphere and story.