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This is a fantastic direction for Mortal Kombat to go in.  I am genuinely excited by this trailer.  Just give me Animalities and you can have my money now.

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Can't wait for Ryan to review this, if this is a movie.

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Game ftw.

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Well, if jeffs posting it, does that mean they were sent it, so it is real?

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I love this trailer, has to be for MK9 (or MK reboot)

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JERI RYAN?!?!?!?!?!

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All I have to say is that this is fucking awesome!

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Maybe it's a move AND a game.  ......... it's probably just a game.

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Awesome. Get over here!

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OMG I am actually really hyped to see a mortal kombat movie lol
that looked cool as shit :D

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BOOBS @2:26
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I like how they throw in the classic lines without it feeling forced and the right amount of cheese.
Reptiles origin is pleasingly gross.

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Game or movie, either way I'm intrigued. I like the direction they're taking things.

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this is what the series needs

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This looks amazing.

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this looks awesome!

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      Sub-Zero doesn't look too hot. BOOM!
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Damn, I thought that was Ed Boon they were interviewing.

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Looks awsome. Can't wait for more info

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What the hell was that? hahahah
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So much for that alternate world mythology stuff, I guess!

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This could turn out pretty good.

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Is this canon? I don't follow the MK storyline, looks like a movie to me... no details at all at the end

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i dont know what to feel right now.

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It's gory, it's got awesome characters, and they even managed to work the phrase "fatalities" into the mix. I'm genuinely excited to find out what the fuck is being advertised here, man!

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Sony and jax are both actors i've seen before so im guessing this is a movie

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The fight scene was alright.

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I hope this is a teaser for a new movie. It's like "The Legend of Chun-Li" only it looks much better.

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Hell yes!

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Now thats what im talking about!

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I am looking foreword to this a lot.

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duder...this is awesome.  

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Omg that was awesome, i want more!  
Michael Jay White turned down the role as Jak in 1997. This one look much more promising than Annihilation could ever be.
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Please tell me this is in the game, and it gets fleshed out. I would love for the next MK to have these super serious campy FMV stories.  This could be the Razor Callahan of fighting games. Please please please.

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Twitter is fucking exploding with this news now. There's something very Saw-like with the art direction on this, where everything is just dirty and fleshy-looking as hell. I like it.
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That looks so amazingly awful in every way.

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Damn son! This cheese tastes GOOD!

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Kinda has that indie-movie feel to it. Very well done though, looks great.

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I wonder if this IS a movie...  It sure seems like it. 

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I thought it was pretty awesome. I'd like to hear Jeff's thoughts on it on the bombcast.
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