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Posted by JackSukeru

I'm glad they put this up 'cause I couldn't get a stable stream when it was on originally, and had trouble getting Justin TV to work after that.

I'd also love to see more of these kinds of things in the future.
Posted by ThrustMuscle

That was fucking epic. Very entertaining throughout, i was impressed by this show.

Posted by isomeri

Next up, Dirt 3 Scrub League?

Posted by Nikral

Love this. MOAR!

Posted by Pibo47

Why doesnt jeff play? He'd school these duders.

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Because Jeff ain't no scrub!

I hope to see some SSF4:AE Scrub League action this summer.
Posted by Kratch

So much fun to watch.  Thanks for doing this.

Posted by Tr4gic_H3r0

Awesome video guys! Almost as awesome as Ryan pulling a Bob Barker using that skinny mic.

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Awesome feature.!


A request:  Next league, character victims of fatalities cannot fight in future rounds.  Force the players into using a secondary character.

Posted by TwoOneFive
@Pibo47 said:
" Why doesnt jeff play? He'd school these duders. "
Posted by mortal_sb
@Soap said:
" I watched this live and it was great!

As a paying member I don't ask, I DEMAND more scrub league!.... please <3
i think i would subscribe for scrub league!
Posted by csl316

Incredible skill on display here.

Posted by fox01313

This definitely needs to continue, wouldn't mind seeing more Scrub League on Giantbomb to see how everyone is with some of these games. Wouldn't mind seeing them taking on some older games with other Scrub League events.

Wonder why the developers didn't go with more of a palette swap with the 2nd player picking the same character, really hard to tell who's who. Millena at least was a bit darker in the demo with both players picking her.

Posted by thomasonfa

I love this. Thanks for MK Scrub League. This would be great for ALL fighting games.

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Very fun to watch. A lot of Scorpions though. Man, Ryan cutting it close against Alexis... Like I said though, very entertaining and definitely hope you guys will do this again soon in the near-future.

I also like how Jeff is basically Shao Khan of MK at the offices.

Posted by Bestostero

More scrub league!!!

Posted by Ruckus_inc

Damn thats some pippin good fun.. More of this pleace. :)

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Posted by LCom

Scrub League is awesome because it has (almost) all the glamor of other broadcast tournaments, but it makes everyone think that they have a fighting chance at it. Sort of a beautiful thing.

We need more of these around here!

Posted by HY8RiD

Best video so far on this site.  I love it.

Posted by ikwal

This is why I love Giantbomb! Thank you!

Posted by WickedCobra03

I watched this during the past weekend, I am happy it was preserved for the archives.  This was almost better than watching the pros.  It was pretty hilarious, and definitely a lot easier to watch than pro tournaments.

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My belongs to GiantBomb!

Posted by DoctorWelch

Where was Sir Bradley?

Posted by Zero_

This was very awesome

Posted by coonce

i was robbed!

Posted by cyrax

Great job, very entertaining.

Posted by demontium

YES RYAN! way to beat coonce

Posted by drew327

Fun stuff guys thanks!

Pretty bad play though, Lol

Posted by Patman99

Jeff is the Shao Kahn of Giant Bomb

Posted by MeatSim

They should do more Scrub League type stuff.

Posted by gla55jAw

I already watched this 1 and a half times...I might watch it again.

Posted by MiniPato

Goddamn you Corey, bringing that internet shit into the Giant Bomb offices without any irony in its usage.

Posted by KillyDarko

This was one of the best things I've seen here on GB -- amazing work, everyone.
Hopefully there'll be more! ^^

Posted by Sarumarine

I was pulling for Vinny, but the fight against Gary was great. The whole thing was awesome.

Posted by Th3_James

We need more of this type of shit. It's awesome.

Posted by gbrading

This was really great to watch: I absolutely loved the fantastic commentary. More leagues like this in the future would be amazing.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

So awesome. Do more of these, Whiskey!

Posted by popmasterruler

So many close calls!

Posted by TechHits

Please do more of this sort of thing, it was awesome.

Posted by Max_Cherry

The new guy,Patrick, kind of looks like Screech.

Posted by shway

this was "full of win" but this really was a awesome event and was really well done even though the internet crashed on you guys :P 

Posted by Entreri10

This was fantastic

Posted by blacklab
Goddamn this website is fucking awesome. Pardon my French, bitches.
Posted by Servo

Ya'll have to do this more often.  In my opinion this was one of the most entertaining things whiskey media has done! :)

Posted by SuperSambo

Better than TNT, but i'm guessing that it is a lot harder to do.

Great stuff.

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Posted by ProfessorK

This right here is why I love GB. They held an awesome, entertaining tournament, while their site was down! That's dedication right there!

Posted by borgmaster

Kinda reminds me of Button Mashing: someone would win against stiff competition only to be beaten by Jeff.

Posted by Dallas_Raines

Someone really needs to make a gif out of Gary's game 'faces'.