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Posted by Malakhii

This really was pretty fucking cool. Can't wait to see more. 

Posted by Greenlight13

Man if i was in that I'd have picked Quan Chi just to see Jeff's reaction.

Posted by Lanechanger

More of this please, I loved the underdog triumphs such as the Ryan Davis and the Will Smith victories.  And the more contentious fights had me at the edge of my seat, vinnie vs gary was awesome

Posted by librariangmr

This is probably the best thing GIant Bomb has ever posted second only to Possessed Jonathan Frakes. 

Posted by golguin

Tourny was great. Most the matches were close as hell.

Posted by Daniel
@Vager: Spot on, sir!
Posted by NathHaw

One of my favorite things Whiskey Media has done.

Posted by ribeye

Jeff has had that shirt for a while now....haha

Posted by ThePilgrums

That was made of epic win! Also the cake is a lie.

*proceeds to vomit forever for having typed that*

I'd have been meaner about him saying "full of win". Nice restraint, Ryan. Haha. I'd have disqualified him until he begged for my forgiveness. That shit don't fly in MY house.
Posted by bkbroiler
@Vager said:
" @TomA said:
" Who the fuck is Alexis? Ive never heard of half these people. "
Alexis is a Web Designer.
Sean is an Engineer.
Andy is the head Engineer.
Mike is the head Business guy.
Joey is the Video Producer for Screened and Comic Vine.
Daniel is the Marketing guy.
Gary does not work for Whiskey, he's a frequent guest on the Tested podcast and works as a screen writer for Hollywood.
Patrick is the the newly employed Giant Bomb News Editor."
Don't forget, Whitta used to be PC Gamer's editor-in-chief! 
Posted by selbie

The Australian government should be sued for banning this. FFFUUUUUUUUUU!!!

Posted by SnakeEyes327

As somebody who's been a fan of Smoke since MK2, is it weird that I get a big grin knowing that the winner of the scrub league is a Smoke player? Is that weird?

Posted by Reverseface

This was really fun to watch hope they do another. I really wanted coonce to win tho. >.>

Posted by viking

Fucking awesome!!! Hope to see a pro-tournament as well..!

Posted by zerdune
@viking said:
" Hope to see a pro-tournament as well..! "
You've probably seen "pro-tournament" many times already. It's called "Brad vs Jeff".
Posted by thefjk

You guys make awesome video content... good show!

Posted by Stayfone

awesomesauce !

Posted by guthwulf

That was radically awesome.

Posted by Rox360

Freaking awesome. I saw some things today that I certainly didn't expect to see! Very, very entertaining. I don't know if it's just me, but I find Mortal Kombat much more fun to watch and easier to grasp than any other fighting game I know of. Maybe it's just because I played a bit of it when I was little, but I also played a bunch of Street Fighter 2, and SF doesn't interest me at all nowdays... I'd watch an entire tournament like this all over again given the chance! Very entertaining. Kinda wanna get the game, for sure.

Posted by natural_deadhead

I really want to play this game!
Posted by Brendan

You're damn right that dirty phrase doesn't fly in this house Ryan Davis!  

Posted by DANW547

This was so great, more I say!

Posted by Zaapp1

Scrub League 2011?  So we won't see another for a year?

Posted by Keeper_Garrett

Totally convinced me to buy MK. But I have a child on the way!

Posted by Sharpshooter

So my question is: When is the Starcraft 2 scrub league? You know its gonna happen.

Posted by ImperiousRix

This was truly amazing.

Posted by StriderNo9

We need more Scrub League videos!

Posted by Slug

I want Ryan's shoes!
Posted by KarateKid

This was surprisingly fun to watch, never been much of a fighting game player before.

I hope they do it again.

Also, it seems like the production behind these events keep getting better and better too.
So well done to the people behind the cameras =)
Posted by Nux

Must have more Scrub league.
Posted by Elepaio

Excellent!  Totally entertaining - and I don't like fighting games!!  Love the competition, the reactions of the players, and commenting.  One thing would make it even better, tell us who the non-on-video people were and what they do.  It would give us a much better feel for the Whiskey/GB family. 

Really looking forward to the next one.

Posted by SuperJoe

This was amazing!  Gary Whitta must really be concentrating here because I don't remember him making those gamefaces when he played Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on TNT. 

Please consider doing a Scrub Olympics with Kinect Sports!

Posted by nickux

Probably one of my favorite pieces of content on Giant Bomb in a long time. Seriously great stuff, guys!

Posted by ilduce620

This was awesome.  I want to see more!  A Starcraft II league would be awesome, but would probably be too long.  MK and SSFIV are cool by me, though.

Posted by RockAction

That was probably one of the more bizarre but awesome things i've seen on the site.

Hope it continues

also, pretty much convinced me to get MK9
Posted by StriderNo9

Seriously one of the best videos on GB, and thats saying something.

Posted by hazzard4123

This is one of the best pieces of content Giant Bomb has ever made, and that's saying a lot!

Posted by Fortenium

Very fun to watch these matches! I still have not played Mortal Kombat, but it looks much better than I expected!

Posted by Ghost407

This was so awesome... Must do it again, or some form of tournament!

Posted by Picard

Very fun to watch!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

That was great, and pretty much sold me on the new MK. Hopefully we'll see a lot more like this in the future

Posted by MachoFantastico

Watched it live but to good not to watch again. 

Gary's faces when he played was scary. 
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Posted by Scooper

The GB audience obviously loves the hype of a good fighting game tournament. You guys have no reason not to cover EVO now. 

Posted by themauve

Great Video, please do this when AE comes out!

Posted by scerviche

Please keep this up!

Posted by EgoCheck616

Things like this are the reason why Whiskey Media is the only website I pay for.

Posted by Dryker

Awesome. More like this, please!

Posted by KaiserZephyr

I'm never tired of that MORTAL KOMBAT song!