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"Let's cut over to the action." -cut to Goro's groin-

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Goddamn I love this site.

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Coonce plays Kitana, because he knows what's up.

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That was awesome guys!

Just a suggestion if you're taking them...there should be an "overall" champion (Jeff in this case) who gets an automatic bye into the final fight. Everyone else progresses through the tourney for the chance to take on the Champ. If the Champ is dethroned, then the previous champ must go through the tournament to try to get a shot at the champ like everyone else. IIRC, this somewhat resembles the actual structure of Mortal Kombat (this is my first game since MK2, so forgive me if it IS the same)

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Please, please, please...do more of this.

Posted by Aureoloss

i love how professional this was. this was tons of fun. would love to see maybe one of these a month with a different game

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This was fantastic. I would love to see this again; it was much more satisfying than the usual TNT.

Posted by Prodigal

Like everyone else is saying, MOAR!

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"The X-Ray will finish it. The X-Ray will finish it!"

Legendary call on that play. 
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those are some mighty pale legs Jeff.

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Incredibly fun to watch. Has to be done again!

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This video sold me on Mortal Kombat...even though I already bought it!

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This is why Giant Bomb is the best. Thank you, gents.

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Puppet Goro getting punched in the balls. Good times had by all.

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This was exciting, awesome stuff!

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"This is the real world, Corey! We're standing in a football field... What is more real than that?"


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Gary was making some funny faces while he was playing.

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Best feature for a long long time! Thanks guys!

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So awesome, must do this again!

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This is one of the best things that has come out of GB yet.

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That was great. Excellent commentary. You guys are good.
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this was great, i really wanted to buy MK but at the same time i really wanted portal 2.

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This was great! And I'm not even interested in MK.

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That was awesome, congratulations Alexis! If only Dave was in on this, it would have been perfect...

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Yay at Rorie showing up.

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@UnsolvedParadox said:
" That was awesome, congratulations Alexis! If only Dave was in on this, it would have been perfect... "
There's no mouse or keyboard, Dave would have been lost.
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It´s content like this, that makes me love this site so fucking much

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This was great, you guys should do this more often. 

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this was brilliant.  i look forward to more.  though the two gary fights were a cringe a second.

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I'm digging the Bob Barker mic.

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That was fantastic, I'd love to see more of this. Watching this is what's finally tipped the scales for me - I need this new Mortal Kombat!

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I think I could watch these guys play Mortal Kombat all day.

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They should do more of these for different fighting games and even sports games like FIFA and PES

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@SavageM2 said:
" I think I could watch these guys play Mortal Kombat all day. "
My thoughts exactly.
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This was probably my second most favorite video (Endurance runs are always no 1) on GB ever. Thanks a bunch for that =) Excellent form to continue to provide glorius entertainment even during technical difficulties.

Oh btw: Usama is dead.
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When Ryan walked off they should have put in the Quan Chi portal effect

Posted by Romination

Man, watch Gary's face when he plays. He goes through all these weird face things.

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This is officially my new favorite Whiskey event, OF ALL TIME

Posted by Shadow

Scorpion probably has my least favorite X-ray

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Yall need to do another scrub league!

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This is even better when u watch it a 2nd time!!!!!

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After watching the Pacman scrub league, I had to come back to this - this one was so much fun


They should do a Smash Bro's Melee scrub league!

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Loved this! I originally was going to bet on Alexis, too...

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@YOUNGLINK: They probably won't. Ryan highly dislikes Super Smash Bros. And I don't think anybody else would care enough.
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So ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 scrub league? hopefully that or Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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I can't wait for them to do another of these!

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Forgot about Gary's battle face :D

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@TrueEnglishGent said:

Forgot about Gary's battle face :D

@Romination said:

Man, watch Gary's face when he plays. He goes through all these weird face things.

So what the hell is that about? I've only just noticed this AND IT IS CRAZY. I can not stop laughing, it is the weirdest twitch that I can not understand or comprehend. Wow...