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Posted by kollay

I just noticed that Gary loves to make weird faces when he's playing.

Posted by TheVoice

This was exciting, entertaining, and infinitely watchable. This is why I pay you guys. Keep up the tourneys please.

Posted by Metiphis

More of this please.

Posted by FaintDeftone

That was pretty awesome to watch. Not only is Mortal Kombat a great game to play, but it is just as fun to watch as well.

Posted by gwhitta

That was so much fun to be a part of, hope they do it all again!

And they still need to play the third-place play-off match between Ryan and Corey!
Posted by ChrisInCali

Awesome video!!!  My only complaint, the sound is really low... at least for me.  I had to turn my speakers all the way too max.

Posted by 234r2we232

I turned on my spam filter, but I'm still seeing a Gary Whitta in my videos :(

Posted by DeathbyYeti

I have proof this was rigged. The 9 people that bid on Alexis are Whiskey Media employes. The Truth!

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That was super fun. Hope to see more touneys in the future.

Posted by porr

EVO 11 next stop.

Posted by mrsmiley

freaking awesome!

Posted by dekard49

Really enjoyed the production - also liked how everyone tried to get some time in with the game beforehand to make it entertaining. It was also a great idea to have Jeff play at the end. Would love to see another one. 

if I could make one suggesstion, it would be cool to have the players logged in as their gamertags, so even if the characters played are the same, we can still get an idea of who is winning. 
Posted by chan05

i wish this video would have never ended. please do this again!!

Posted by Chalian

too good
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You guys have gotta do this again sometime, watched it live and absolutely loved it. PLEASE do it again!.

Posted by TomA

Who the fuck is Alexis? Ive never heard of half these people.

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Hell Yeah!!!!! Techno Syndrome!!!!!

Posted by jbrady

this was great! i love this site...

Posted by Ben99

lol they are floating off the field 

Posted by Vager
@TomA said:
" Who the fuck is Alexis? Ive never heard of half these people. "
Alexis is a Web Designer.
Sean is an Engineer.
Andy is the head Engineer.
Mike is the head Business guy.
Joey is the Video Producer for Screened and Comic Vine.
Daniel is the Marketing guy.
Gary does not work for Whiskey, he's a frequent guest on the Tested podcast and works as a screen writer for Hollywood.
Patrick is the the newly employed Giant Bomb News Editor.
Posted by craigbo180

I loved this, it reminds me of sitting round and playing with my friends because the level of play is about the same as this except I am beasting my friends right now. Can't wait for my cousin to get to get back because he is apparently going to demolish me. The thing about this game is its just so much hype for casual's, they will play this all day but they drop off Marvel and Street Fighter after a few games.

Posted by Ronald

Good on Will for making it to the final round as a TF2 player. But Alexis was just too good. But of course, Jeff is the master MK player and I am glad to have seen him prove he is a master. 

Posted by DonPixel

This was in fact amazing to watch! keep them coming!

Posted by PolishHill

Really had no idea who won in the Champion vs. Jeff fight at the end but what a great event.  Probably presumptuous but it looked like Alexis, Ryan, and Coonce (sp?) were some of the better players.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Amazing stuff!

Posted by Origina1Penguin

This was amazing. I really liked the upsets. I didn't expect the Scorpions to do as well as they did, but they were the most entertaining fights.

Posted by JBG4

Amazing... I was hoping for a Ryan Davis vs. Will Smith showdown...
Posted by Gloobus

This was one of my favourite things Giantbomb has done. Ever since they started doing the TNT's I've wanted them to do an in-house tournament of whatever games are around.

Posted by Sweep

Me the legs!

Posted by pawsoffury

Agreed! This was amazing. More in the future please!

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regular feature please! (even monthly or something)

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

Bahahah fucking Rorie coming in with the congratulatory  hug at the end.

Posted by cowdrunk

of all the awsome stuff you guys do I think this is one of the best in a wile I hope you do something like this again soon

Posted by Jack_Daniels
@Feikken said:
" Please do  this more often!Great fun to watch "
This. Take it up a notch and play a competitive shooter. Halo, Gears, or Cod.
Posted by Bubbly

This reminded me of when Gamespot used to do Tournament TV. I hope the guys do more of these. They're a lot of fun, especially when you watch it live.

Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

Amazing you guy did this. This video honestly makes me love you more than I already do. Should make some more Office Tournys. 

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you need to do this more often. I always visit the site but rarely comment. I had to comment on this because I would like to say "more please . . ." This was awesome, keep up the good work.

Posted by RyShe

Scrub league > TNT

Posted by DeadDorf

Wow, look at Gary's face when he's playing!

Posted by captain_clayman

duder no!!!

Posted by Zurgfrog

This is one of the best things on giant bomb LOVE IT

Posted by Xaviersx

Really enjoyed watching.  Should do it again soon.  Thanks.

Posted by poisonjam7

This was hilarious. i love how the football style commentary by Jeff and Ryan at the beginning.

Posted by smitty86

Great work by all. More stuff like this will be greatly appreciated. Although I would recommended that in the future GB have Whitta's seizure medication on standby. It seemed to be really taking a told on his face during the games.

Posted by tourgen

loved the show, great work guys

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this was great!

Posted by DeadMonkeys

Brilliant pseudo-parody.

Posted by Dynamo22

This was awesome. Now i want MK more than ever. Good job GB staff. This was a fun watch.