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Skrub League?

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This was so awesome.

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Please do  this more often!

Great fun to watch

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Amazing tournament. Hope it's not just annual.

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This was the best thing ever

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Great video. Way to take a crappy situation and make gold guys.

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Please do more of these! 

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Was this a live thing? When?

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this was so much fun, hopefully you guys do more stuff like this in the future

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Nice that I can watch it again! :D

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One of the best things you guys have done recently. More stuff like this!

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@Winternet: Yeah, they did it during the outage stream the hour before the Happy Hour began.
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This looks like it was a blast. Downloading now to see who came out on top.
@chimpchimp said:

" Great video. Way to take a crappy situation and make gold guys. "

Are you suggesting that there should be more crappy situations?
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oh man this is awesome.

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@bukkookkub said:
" This was so awesome. "
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@Chontamenti said:
" Nice that I can watch it again! :D "
I hope they make this monthly... That would be epic.
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Jeff is like... the Shao Kahn boss fight of Giantbomb...

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I wanna play!

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Corey the intern is soooooo full of win

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I couldn't tell what was going on during Gary vs Vinny. I was too busy paying attention to Whitta's face during the fight. Too funny.

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@CrashTanuki: Yeah, I've noticed at the end. Great tournament.
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I watched this, and it's hands down one of the best things they've ever done.

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I am in love with the presentation here.

Why are they on a football field? Just fuckin' cuz.

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I really enjoyed this you should have more.

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That was a pretty awesome tournament. I really wish I had picked someone else as the winner though, instead of someone who lost in the first round!

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So awesome! Let's hope they will do another one of those. Also hoping for a PC version :) Make it happen Boon!

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"I think I want Vinny to win"
Goes out first round
"Well then I hope Alex wins"
Goes out first round

My predictions are cursed!
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That was amazing and you have to do this again!  Just a thought but would be even better if any new ones weren't limited to just fighting games.

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Awesome! Awesome idea for a new feature! 

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This will be added to the many things on GiantBomb that I will watch multiple times.

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This is one of the best things you guys have done, and I've seen a lot of things you guys have done. Great stuff.

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Kicking someone off the set for saying "full of win" is the reason why I love this site. God knows I would have done that.

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@XaiaX said:
" Skrub League? "
Only K's at the beginning of words can be changed! Don't be crazy, dude!
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PLEASE! Do this stuff more. This is amazing.

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Awesome piece of content, that's why I love this site.

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again this is why GB is #1!
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@Burn1n9m4n: Nekropolis.
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@Branthog: NEVER TOO OLD. YOU'RE LIKE THE WEAKLINGS WHO SAY THEY ARE TO OLD FOR (video game genre) BECAUSE THEIR REFLEXES HAVE DIED. You're moving your thumbs not running the 100.

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why no arcade sticks?

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This was an amazing show. I really hope you find some way to do things like this again. Actually I'll gladly take another MK9 or MK franchise tournament.

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@Zabant: Don't do it! You're opening a Pandora's box full of Friendships, Animalities, and Special Forces!
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This was AWESOME :D

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"... When you're full of win"

Go away.