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Posted by Turtlefuzz

Awesome review Jeff!
I may rent this game.

Posted by Jeffsekai

Will deff be buying.

Awesome review Jeff.

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This game is coming out at the wrong time for me, looks like I'll have to put it on my list for next year. Tis' a shame as it looks rather awesome.

Posted by BiggerBomb

That's a great review and I think I might have been braiwashed. I'm considering adding this to the x-mas list.....

Posted by norton123

Nice, that simple.

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very well done jeff if anybody still bitching about u giving it 5 stars they need to se the review

Posted by JoblessTerence

Meh, I'm still not sold.

Posted by AllThatBacon

Damn it Jeff....only you could convince me to get this game....augh!

Posted by michaelenger

And... THAT happened.

Posted by PLWolf

LOL!! Another great ending. You guys rule.

Posted by LoneStranger

Tienes jugar al biesbol?

Posted by Sanj

Cool cool.

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Yet another awesome 5 Star Video Review.
Jeff Gerstmann, you should be a playable character in this game,you will kick ass.Period.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Surprised to see Quan Chi making an appearance, thankfully just an appearance hehe.

Nice bit of Midnight Brown at the end there i see, good work!

Posted by zoozilla

Something tells me the Flash isn't ok.

Posted by Kohe321

Great review as always Jeff.

Posted by Antim0n

Great review!

*cough* gayjoke! *cough cough*

Posted by dtran1212


Posted by Pazy

Awesome review. I would get get it straight away except im not a major fan of fighting games. A couple over the years (mainly a couple of the Soul* Series) have grabbed me so im hoping they will put a demo up on XBL. That way I can see if I personally like the fighting in it.

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Just think of baseball :)

I dunno, I started out just shaking my head at this, but they pulled it off pretty well.  I liked how the two story modes mesh.  And it has Raiden, so I have no problem with it anymore.

I could even see myself playing Shazam, which is surprising for me (flashback to the live action show that most you kids don't even know existed?).  Not so much Deathstroke, though, because I keep expecting him to make jokes about how he loves Bea Arthur, and then I have to remind myself that's a different company's character.

Posted by Kraznor

I rented it but I think I'll just go ahead and buy it to aid Midway. They seem to be in a dismal state right now. Might pick up the Kollector's Edition, depends on whats in there.

Posted by sionweeks

The ending. CLASSIC!

Posted by CPlusPlus

ohh god!!! gotta go get this game right now!!!! Jeff said it's good and i believe everything he says!!! Hey Jeff can you please PM me your entire video game collection so that i can make sure that i go out and buy every single item on your list? That would be great!!!

Posted by Shadow
Posted by manathirst

Argh, gotta get this game, when I get my PS3.

Posted by WholeFunShow

Nassty non sequitar.

Posted by HiroSeven
Posted by Crono

Great review I am excited about this game.  I never thought I would ever be excited about an MK game ever again.  MK3 was the last great MK after all...

Posted by Gregomasta

HAH, feeling strange.

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As usual: great video review from Jeff that basically covers every interesting aspect of the game. I've never been into fighting games and I also don't own a PS3 or 360, but: if I had one, I would probably buy this game and definitely go for The Flash. Basically because he's fast, you know?

Posted by mubress

Great Review, Great Game.
'Nuff said.

Posted by PhilESkyline

Bah...I'm still not buying it.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

......and that happens.

Great review!

Posted by Brackynews

@Antim0n: I just cannot bring myself to post the obvious pun, it's too awful. XD
But I'm sure glad the game isn't!  Some decent achievements too, but 10 combos doesn't sound like enough.

Posted by Termite

Haha, that ending was awesome!

"Nothing Diana, I just felt strange for a moment"

Posted by code305

still not a fan of fighting games but this looks like a next gen title so i will check it out.

Posted by enigma

Nice review. The guys at the gamesradar podcast were talking a bunch of mess about it though. Jeff, they just dropped a punk card at your feet, I suggest you do something about it. (yeah, I'm just trying to stir it up but this would be an awesome beef) Check it out, podcast 28 at gamesradar.com

Posted by Usagi

Sorry, I'll stick with fighters that aren't shallow thank you very much!

Posted by BlazingWookie

Great review, think I'll pick this up. Now think about baseball Flash.

Posted by Asky

Great review

Posted by mikemosha90

Greatest ending ever.

Posted by Lepuke

Excellent video review. My interest in this game has been renewed.

The brain police have been appeased.

Posted by Light_Bahamut

Raise your hand if you think Vinny makes awesome video reviews. 

*raises hand*

Serisouly, great stuff.    
Posted by FR0MAN

you guys think there will be watchmen DLC for this?

Posted by UlTiMaTEIGuare117

Might rent this. Great review Jeff.

Posted by splitscreen
Posted by dEFaNkT

almost got me to change my mind and play a MK game again. almost.

Posted by AdventChild

Vinny = Video God.

I want him.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN
Posted by cspiffo


Nice editing at the end there with the baseball game.  It made me smile.  Looks like a good game.  worth at the very least a rental.

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