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Will everyone favorite characters Shujinko, Kobra, and Quan-Chi be present?

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looks good

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I've never been that into the characters of Mortal Kombat, but I played a bit of the last one and thought it was great. Hopefully this one's good too.

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So, does that trailer imply that weapons will be returning and that this game will have more environmental interaction, a la Injustice?

Either way, I'm looking forward to it after MK9.

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Scorpion now voiced by Goldberg.

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interesting choice of music...

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As long as it's not as insanely zoomed out as Injustice. Art of Fighting did it right, and holy shit the comment editor isn't linking everything I'm writing to the game link now.

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Song turned me off

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"I've heard of it."

- Ed Boon

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Wondering if that is actual gameplay or a target video. Hope it looks that good when it comes out.

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That was pretty good, I look foreword to playing it months afterwords for the crazy story.

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That music was a super bad pick.... holy hell.

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im super excited for Dizzy Wright being on this trailer boy works hard for his shit....

ok after listening its Wiz and thats ok i suppose....he hasnt done anything original in a while.

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Fuck yes. Mortal Kombat ICON at long last.

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Well I loved Mk9 it was one of the best fighters last gen and had the best story mode in a fighting game I've ever seen it was awesome, so can't wait for this

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Wow that song just didn't seem to fit but regardless that trailer is fantastic looking. If this isn't gameplay then I really like the trailer for showing what it might look like. If this is actual gameplay then that's absolutely stunning! I can't wait to see more regardless

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Hmm.. I was slightly interested until the music kicked in.. I thought some other video was playing in another tab...

I know hip hop and ninjas have a pop culture "connection" but.... I've never really understood the reasoning behind it, other than a very superficial "badassery".... in my eyes, it's a shallow western free association cultural prostitution... and no amount of attitude will change my mind.

Game looks like expected.. I guess.

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"I've heard of it."

- Ed Boon

Haha, that was one hell of a late night show. Dave Lang and Ed Boon should be secret characters in MK X.

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this is where it gets interesting, will they tackle Mk 4, 5 ,6, 7 and streamline and focus on those stories?. or is this where they completely spin off with their new timeline and introduce new characters and completely disregard the storylines in those games?

very very excited to see more, Mk9 was easily the best mortal kombat in a good long while (and thats amazing that the 9th game in a series could be considered the best)

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Terrible trailer music!

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Let's be real here... Sub-Zero destroys Scorpion.

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Will everyone favorite characters Shujinko, Kobra, and Quan-Chi be present?

Quan chi is a given especially at the end of mk9 he's basically the series macguffin

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Is that gameplay? This looks f-ing amazing o_O

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Why does sub-zero always get killed? Fuck Scorpion!

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@ripelivejam said:

"I've heard of it."

- Ed Boon

Haha, that was one hell of a late night show. Dave Lang and Ed Boon should be secret characters in MK X.

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Pretty sure this is prerendered to look like gameplay, and the music choice was pretty dope. I thought it fit alright.

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Interesting choice in music for this. Also, can you guys remember my birthday so I don't have to put it to watch certain videos please?

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They still can't make faces look human..

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ah, another one of those.

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I was totally okay with the music until Wiz Khalifa came in. Could they have picked a worse rapper to represent MK? I mean, was Riff Raff unavailable?

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Why did they put a wimpy-ass rap song on their announcement trailer? Otherwise looks good.

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@crispy said:

Let's be real here... Sub-Zero destroys Scorpion.


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Even the shitty music can't reduce the hype.

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wow that game looks hype!!

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i like the idea of a rap song playing on a MK trailer, but the song definitely needed more punch. (get it?) something like kendrick lamars - look out for detox would've been good.

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Can't wait. I should probably just get Injustice in the meantime.

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I almost never watch trailers but as an old fan of the series and especially after the stellar 9 and the questions since then, how could you NOT click this.

Even just the sound of "MK X" seems crazy, I mean holy shit how time flies.

MK kind of invented its brand of dumb/awesome back in the day. And it excelled at it. Being in the arcade and seeing fatalities for the first time... there just had never been anything like that and it was all kinds of awesome. The weird in-jokes, secrets, playful/absurd stuff as the games went on was always so refreshing and fun... even if the games they were in progressively became less so. 9 was such a solid reinvention that i'm super curious where they go.

But it's a pretty safe trailer all things considered. This is a sequel to 9, make no mistake. But the fight was paced well, it's visually impressive, and they use what might otherwise be tired characters in a cool way, showing diverse moves. We clearly see X-ray moves are returning, and as others pointed out possible environmental interaction and weapons. The song surprised me but I think it works well.

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So should this be read as "ex" as in the letter X, or 10 as Roman numeral X? Is this FFX all over again?

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Wait, I'm logged in and a premium member. Why did I see an age gate for this?

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Hopefully they continue building on the awesome single player stuff from last time, and can somehow make it a more interesting competitive game as well. I didn't much enjoy MK9 competitively last time, but I think Injustice was quite a bit better. So let's see if they apply those lessons here.

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I kinda liked the music...

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That was pretty awesome.

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Wow if this trailer is showing gameplay, then I'm impressed!

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I will play another Mortal Kombat.

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Yes yes we can all agree the song sucked for the most part. That said... HOLY SHIT THAT GAMEPLAY.

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The best gaming news I've heard in a looooooong time!

FUCK YES! so fucking excited about this! I love Mortal Kombat (2011) and this is going to be absolutely spectacular!

Could have used better music tho...

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I know it's just a CG trailer that is not representative of the final product but goddamn am I ready for a new Mortal Kombat game

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Looks pretty dope, interested in seeing if the environment stuff will actually be in game. Seems like its something that would detract if not done well.