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yay more Mortal Kombat

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Oh right, I totally forgot this happened.

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Hot damn, this is the start of something big I hope!

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who's the kool kid with spiky hair?

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Video game retrospectives would be an excellent addition to the video repertoire.

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Glad I can see the first half of this now :D

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That was a pretty awesome live stream they did. Also nice to see it on the site. Keep up the good work guys!

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Great stuff. Just two guys playin' some MK, but it's so damn entertaining. The beginning was cut off a bit.

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I wish MK9 had a PC port.

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But.......it's Tuesday.

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Well I was going to go to bed early tonight, but fuck it. MORTAL MONDAY!

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@shotodrag said:
" But.......it's Tuesday. "
Nah son look at the calendar... aww shit it is Tuesday. 
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This is different to the Scrub League video, right?

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Finish him

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@thabigred: Yeah well, I wish I had a million dollars.
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Great Vid.

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I've never seen MK Trilogy before, very interesting!

I do like Sub-Zero Mythology too. It could be fond memories, but I thought it was cool with the extra moves.
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This is the kind of stuff I want to see more of.

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This is awesome

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YES! More of this stuff duders!

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I remember really liking Adema.  I was also a dumb high school kid angry at the world for no good reason.

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very cool, I enjoyed this a lot.

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Im likeing all this mk stuff

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That Goro/Kintaro fight brought out Clayfighter flashbacks.

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Ohh man, those FMV cutscenes in Mythologies were quality, love the hammed up acting in video games of that era, especially the C&C games.

And in MK vs DC, both Baraka and Deathstroke have weapon modes.

Also I found out that Jeff is 16 years older than me... He doesn't look 34...
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GUYS. I know you like MK but COME ON.
...And yet I'll still watch this.

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Holy shit at Mortal Kombat Trilogy for Playstation. Jank as FUCK.

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Thanks Giant Bomb, for reminding me how terrible I am at Mortal Kombat.

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What the hell am I doing watching this... its finals week and I just watched an hour of this...

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Holy fucking Adema.

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Does not play for me in HD progressive, had to switch to "High" (firefox).

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I loved this. They need to do stuff like this a lot more often. They cut off the beginning from the livestream though. Kind of sucks.

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Man, the Deadly Alliance stuff brought back some memories! I totally forgot that I owned that game, and how different of an MK it was. At the very least, I will say that the MK5 Krypt is more sensibly arranged than the one in MK9, sans the multiple types of currency :P

Had never seen MK Trilogy or Sub-Zero Mythologies before. Those are certainly some interesting parts of MK history.

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was this recorded a week ago? They seem coy about talking about the new MK, maybe an embargo thing?

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More 'looking back on a franchise' videos please!

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I guess Jeff hasn't spent much time playing as UMK3 Reptile and learning his advanced combos, because his Elbow Dash (Or Reptile's Run as Jeff calls it) was his most useful move in linking in more hits after a forceball juggle.

Hell, you could even manage infinites if you were fast enough with canceling the HP/LP into the Elbow Dash.  Easily his most useful move, with the Force Balls not far behind.

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No Shaolin Monks?  That's the semi-decent spin-off!

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Oh Adema.. silly guys!

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Aw man i love this. also yeah Mk trilogy was severely fucked. Especially the bosses in the ps1 that fucked the balance

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I'd like to see more anthology of this franchise, being a total outsider like I am. Thankyou much, this was fun!.
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this is dope. im just loving it man. im a huge fan of the series !!!

and rain should make a comeback into MK9

Deadly Alliance was the last MK game I bought and played a lot. this is going to bring back a lot of memories. boy that game was weird man, because the fighting styles changes and stuff.. craziness!
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When was this live-streamed?

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Last week Monday. Mortal Monday
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@LiquidSwords said:
" @gla55jAw: Last week Monday. Mortal Monday "
I totally missed this. Thanks.
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As someone who was like, 3 years old when this came out, I appreciate this.

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The entire Sub-Zero Mythology part was probably the best unintentional comedy gold that I've seen in a long time.

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Jeff i had sub zero mythologies for N64, i Loved it!