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The whole Ubi press conference was just fucking surreal.

Posted by strangemodule

More motion sports stuff?

Posted by SeaMoose


Posted by FrankCanada97

Why is there an age gate?

Posted by EnduranceFun

Ubi's conference did suck.

Posted by Toxin066
@FrankCanada97 said:
" Why is there an age gate? "
What comes after a face like that isn't meant for kids.
Posted by Insectecutor

This is off it's fucking chain.

Posted by CrazedJoker

Hell yeah.

Posted by mindatlarge


Posted by Catolf

not sure how I feel about this.

Posted by Baggykins

Ubisoft was so weird and boring I considered shutting it off several times, but then I thought "Maybe something awesome will happen!" but it never did...

Posted by CharkeeFarlee


Posted by KillerBears

I like this ad. 
I will never play that game, though.

Posted by ghostNPC

This, added on forced, awkward, downright bad jokes from Joel McHale gave me the exact same impression that Jeff had, being the feeling of "why am I here watching this?".

Edited by Skytylz

There's rarely age gates at Giant Bomb, don't use them new guy.  They don't do anything.
WTF did I just watch?

Posted by hpv
@Catolf said:
" WTF?  not sure how I feel about this. "
Let me help you out, you hate it and feel that it's retarded.
Posted by Catolf
@hpv said:
" @Catolf said:
" WTF?  not sure how I feel about this. "
Let me help you out, you hate it and feel that it's retarded. "
Hmmm... EXACTLY.
Posted by gunslingerNZ

 PFFFT, those beef tacos were a bad idea...
Posted by StrikerTheLizard

Whatever happened to just going outside and ACTUALLY kicking a ball?

Posted by solidlife

 this is messed up like   Lincoln Force 

Posted by MeatSim

All this motion is making me sick.

Posted by Seedofpower

Enough with this motion shit. Give me some Relic!

Posted by dwakley

Dude that skiing guy looks like Vinny!

Posted by endaround
@dwakley: I agree.  
Vinny has started moonlighting
Posted by Whiskeyjack

This trailer does not make me want to purchase the product.

Posted by Besetment

The fake version of "Battle without Honor of Humanity" was out of place and hilarious. Also stupid.

Posted by Flikery

Quite the...... well, yep

Posted by UberExplodey

NO. no no no. fuck.

Posted by laxcat

That is some painful, goofy-ass shit.

Posted by Kraznor

I admire Matt's shamelessness. Bravo sir, you are a true hero.

Posted by Daryl

Go away Bodega. 

Posted by Vigorousjammer

um... was that just Jack Black... or am I imagining things?

Posted by Rewcastle

Atleast this advert wasn't family wii'd like the Kinect shit. Nice to see a small shimmer of humour. Seems far less pretentious

Posted by Buckwyld

What's up with the Ali G Look alike. 
Also, I pass on this one. 

Posted by LordCrom

"The Amazing Matt" needs his own show!
Posted by DrPockets000

I give the game a week after release before there's someone accidently bicycle kicking their TV during the soccer game.

Posted by CharleyTony

the ad makes me want to puke. I guess playing a game like this could only be worst. Glad to see that Xbox will catch up to the kind of crap you see on the wii without losing any time.
Posted by Buccura

Even without the faces they still look more retarded than people who play Sports games on the Wii somehow.

Posted by ThatFrood

This is the best ad for the motion gimmick I have ever seen.

Posted by LucyGlitter

Euck. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Posted by Glak

Dude wth.............

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

Well, the video was not bad, but I am not looking forward to this game at all.

Posted by MisoRonery

That was one of the most awesomely terrible things that my eyes have had the pleasure of suffering.  Bravo Ubisoft.  Now to find that rusty spoon...

Posted by MadeinFinland


Posted by GozerTC

Posted by ThePhilatron

And I thought cosplay was weird

Posted by _Horde

I wanna be Matt!

Posted by strangeling

Make sure you're playing with people whose asses you want in your face.  Imagine the view from the couch.

Posted by drew327

Just wow

Posted by Lemoncookie01

Looks like he's gonna shet his pants.

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