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Well now that thats over.

Rock climbing might work alright.

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This looks hella-epic, brah. To the X-treme

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I want to hit up that kind of rush.

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Oh please, let me reintroduce you two.

Climber meet rock; rock meet climber.

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@boylie said:

This looks hella-epic, brah. To the X-treme

This comment brought to you by Degree® Adrenaline Series Deodorant. Taste the X-treme.

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Posted by thirteenyahs

How is there not Mtn. Dew ads all over this game?

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Posted by Brake

Epicness youg guys, epicness.

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Please tell me you guys aren't planning to force yourself through a quick look of this. I mean, I'll watch it, but don't do it to yourselves.

Also, anyone know the name of the track from the trailer? Pretty awesome!

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I've always wanted to do some EXTREME SKIING.

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Sweet wasn't the Horse meet rider game? I can't wait for the QL.

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@Clubvodka: Video games are like a religion for me, and MotionSports/Kinect is shit.

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"I want to marry that guy!"

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There's a fine line between athelete...
... and  DEAD!!!
Would've made for a much more interesting game, if you ask me. I'm sure naming it "Athlete or Die" wouldn't cause any trademark troubles nowdays, either.

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All of the good will they gained from not showing actors bumping into each other in a living room they blew by using the word "epicness".

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Kinect is the future of gaming.

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Hmm, not sure I have enough room in here to do a back flip during that mountain bike segment.

Maybe if I move the sofa out...

The only thing 'INSANE' about this is the sheer number of motion sports games that are coming out. And 'EPICNESS' isn't a term I'd use to describe any of them.

I'll pass on this, thanks very much.

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Posted by FunExplosions

I wanna play this trailer, not the game. Someone get on that.

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Posted by Generiko

This time it's EXTREEEEME

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Those incredibly quick cuts certainly made this game look action-packed!

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Posted by MeatSim

The people is this game wouldn't even go near the Adrenalin Misfits.

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A sport is not extreme enough if it doesn't have at least two words.