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 Edit:What i meant to say is "fuck, i finally did it!"

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looks good

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too slow!

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nice hair.

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Wreckreation = "...it's a deliberate play on words..."  

Thanks for clearing that up...  I thought you were just struggling with your spelling.

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long video...

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Betting on someone you think you can beat seems cool. I think it would be cool to see that in a shooter too.

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Happy they put so much in.    

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That transition is being used far too frequently.

Posted by Ramyun

Call of Dutified Motorstorm. I guess i can get with that.

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@AquaGeneral said:
" That transition is being used far too frequently. "
It's really jarring.
The environments look OK. The events around the track all look stiff though. The only Motorstorm I played was on the PSP and I loved every second of it. I dunno, need to see a Quick Look.
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Game is looking great.  
And yeah, that transition is effing awful.

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Someone get Trainspotting dude some Chapstick STAT!

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I wonder whether you can run over the little people running along the course.

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When the apocalypse comes I am gonna drop everything and go racing.

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I believe this game comes out right in between Dirt 3 and Twisted Metal. Fitting, considering Apocalypse looks like a perfect combination of those two games. I really loved Pacific Rift, it was over-looked and under rated.