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Posted by Morningstar

The year of dubstep!

Posted by NeutralDensity

Trick it.

Posted by Dany

Get Tricky!

Posted by ruhkandae

Will it get the Coonce vote of approval? This is all the information I require.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Anything that seems like SSX Tricky is good in my book, loved that damn game.

Kind of like the remix, wondered how long it would be before they used the theme.

Posted by Chtasm

Tricky Tricky TRICKY Tricky Wob.

Posted by Argo15

wow tricky

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Mah bahls.

Posted by HydraHam

I don't hate many things in this world, especially with a passion but dubstep is one of those things i really fucking despise.

Posted by networkned

wub wub wub

Posted by Cyrisaurus

I love dubstep, but I wanted the original song for this trailer.

Posted by onlineatron

Wow, they ruined that song with wubwub.

Played the game at an Expo recently and didn't enjoy it too much. I'm a huge SSX fan, but the small slice I sampled wasn't too fun.

Not sure how I feel about them playing on the 'SSX Tricky' nostalgia. The game even has a 'Tricky' metre!

Posted by Gonzo33

Crazy snowboard tricks CONFIRMED.

Posted by PCWV

I really like the way it is called just SSX now, I was a massive fan of SSX 3 on the PS2 and me and my friend often still play it when he comes round, I had Tricky on PSP and really enjoyed that too

Posted by devil_spawn666

Defy reality, indeed.

Snowboards without bindings, hmm.

Edited by Humanity

Gotta admit I got a bit of a goofy grin on my face when the Tricky remix came on - ahh memories.

I really liked On Tour as well cause I'm a SUPER sucker for customization.

Posted by Mister_Snig

SSX needs less dubstep (i.e. none) and more breakbeat (i.e. all the breakbeat)

Posted by Simplexity

@Styl3s: wub wub.

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by Swick

It's tri.. ic .. ick .. ciky.

Posted by Ferros

Maybe my memory is wrong, but I remember SSX being super colourful. This looks extremely drab.

Edited by onan

Ugh. "Pre-order now to secure your additional content"

They're not even trying anymore. At least pretend it's something must have, EA. That just turned me off to buying this on day one completely. I'll just wait until it's $10 or $15 on gamefly a month or two later, that's the best incentive *not* to pre-order.

edit: Looking at Need For Speed: The Run, I wonder how many people you suckered into buying it on day one with similar pre-order content? http://www.gamerzines.com/need-for-speed/news/speed-run-preorder-bonuses-turn-retailers/ I hope it was really good, because nothing would placate me if I had just dropped $60 on a game that lasts for 3 hours. That game of yours is the best argument to NOT pre-order games that's been released this console generation.

Posted by RE_Player1

I like the trailer but the real question is does Coonce like it?

Posted by Jayross


Posted by HydraHam

@Prodstep said:

@Styl3s: wub wub.

weooowwww wob wob wob wob wob wob brrrmmmm

i don't see the appeal of it, just sounds like a bunch of nonsense.

Posted by freecajunlove

Goddamn preorder bonuses! Do I want the extra character or Mac's extra board?

When I saw the spin grind, I started wondering if there was going to be a collector's edition... cause I'd buy that at this point.

Posted by CaLe

Oh how I've waited.. 
I literally got chills watching this.. So cool.

Posted by Aklimakks

Remember when this game had buttcracks and voicework by sideshow performers?

Posted by Mushir

Coonce should review the game when it comes out. Because he's Coonce.

Posted by pbhawks45

wub wub wub wub wub

Posted by McGhee

This is a little bit more of the SSX I remember. Now all I need is some fireworks.

Posted by NinjaCommando

That's some sexy dancing.

Posted by Chadster

Dubstep is to video game trailers as Inception-style "BWOOM" cuts are to action movie trailers.

Also nice to see Patrick Klepek's hair finding some outside employment.

Posted by superfunhappygun

All I know is that's a sweet funky dope manoeuvre

Posted by chrismafuchris

Will this game have Garabaldi?

Posted by louiedog

If it weren't for dubstep my downstairs neighbor would have no idea when I was watching video game trailers.

Posted by beep

Wubs aside, I loved the hell out of SSX 3 and really hope this is a return to form. Definitely getting that vibe.

Posted by Boogieknight

This truly is the age of Dubstep.

Posted by Solskugga

Wow that was some shitty dubstep.....

Edited by DukesT3

aw man. I really thought I could get away from dubstep while in those mountains. Fuck

Looks like SSX 3 to me and for that I am very VERY excited to get my hands on it. wub wubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Posted by Azquelt

The amount of dubstep working its way into game trailers worries me. If Wipeout 2048 has a significant amount of dubstep I'll be really disappointed.

Posted by Jost1

Dubstep actually sucks pretty bad

Posted by masterpaperlink

I hate this musac

Edited by Scarabus

This trailer is as much about helicopters as it is about snowboarding.

Posted by Poncho72

I was concerned for this game at first,but trailer hints at old school SSX. Can't wait.

Posted by eccentrix

Oh hey, I guess I'm buying SSX games again.

Posted by Penzilneck

Owning the world, sure, I can see that. But defying reality? That's logically unsound.

Posted by Elerigo

Where can i get my hands on this remix?

Posted by Cmdc00kie

I still remember getting a ps2 and ssx on christmas day. Still one of my favorite games but it seems like I'm one of the few bummed out that they went with the tricky series instead of going back to the originals. Never did care for the nonsense of tricky.

Posted by csl316

I want.

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