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Posted by Wortdog

I like the look of this.

Posted by Kaibun

Pretty ingenious idea for a puzzler. I'm looking forward to it.
Posted by Darkstorn


Posted by OroJackson

damn it

Posted by sublime90

do not want

Posted by Neverpraying


Posted by Jedted

This actually looks more interesting that Limbo. 
Edited by TwoLines

So it's like Crush for the PSP?

Posted by enemymouse

Trippy music. Good idea but the world seems kind of bland and artificial from the trailer. Don't know what to think.

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Posted by wrecks

That's no Limbo.

Posted by Innovacious

Pull switch, take away control and door dosnt open for 5 seconds. We back in the 90s again? The enviroments dont really seem to match the game either, looks like it should be some sort of fantasy setting, not industrial.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Game looks awesome! Total Ico worship!

Posted by eccentrix

Quick look!

Posted by Milkman

Looks extremely dated.

Posted by PsychedelicET

Music is very cool - I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

Posted by m2cks

Diggin' the game's look, but I don't really care for the cheesy music so much.

Posted by Scooper

I love the concept but my interest has gone down after seeing the game. The level designs don't look very strong or interesting.

Posted by Klaimore

Looks good also like the kind of game that I would get stuck for half an hour in just a simple puzzle.

Posted by MisterMouse

seems kind of cool

Posted by RedRocketWestie

Not trying to be clever, but the gameplay looks very... flat.

Posted by EvilDingo

I like the music.

Posted by Mandaray

Unique idea, but gameplay seems kind of repetitive. Not seeing a lot here that makes me want to play it.

Edited by JackSukeru

Maybe I should start paying attention to this game, seems kind of neat and reminds me a little of Ico, only with nowhere near as good animation. 
The puzzle element seems a little weird though, I would expect a game about shadows to focus more on using light in it's puzzles, making things further from a lightsource bigger etc.

Posted by Colin


Posted by KillyDarko
@innovacious:  I completely agree. And the music also suggests a fantasy setting, so the industrial environments feel a little off. Maybe this is just one level of the game? Anyway, I still like the concept, despite the flaws.
Posted by SenatorSpacer

Looks pretty awesome!

Posted by radioactivez0r

Love the concept, but this video makes it look pretty simple.  Go through gate, move block, go back through gate, advance.  I assume it gets more challenging?  Also, that kid is super strong.

Posted by bindover

Looks interesting.

Posted by D_W

Looks really interesting, but too bad it'll only be on the Wii.

Posted by MegaGoat

I've played this for about 45 minutes, and can say I'm not really impressed
It's like if you made ICO, with 2D Prince of Persia play, with a shadow/light gimmick, and then made it not very good
I can understand that people want to like it because it's all artsy with a mysterious tower and shit
I'm finding it a very hollow experience, and playing it feels like a chore
I will point out that I haven't played any of the '3D light gate' parts yet, nor done any complex puzzles
I will forge on for another half hour or so, and if I'm not liking it by then, then I'll stop punishing myself
Initially, this was slated for August/September, which is the right period for this, but now it's pushed to next year
Is this more of Konami smoking the green again?

Posted by Poki3

Get this on PSN and I'll buy it.

Posted by Almeida69
@TwoLines: Kind of but more limited and bland
Posted by Daftasabat

As most people i'm getting a slight ICO vibe alhough doesn't look as good. The footage shown i would assume is early stage stuff, if the puzzles were that easy and bland all the way through this would get boring real quick

Edited by Korne

this looks pretty cool. 
Reminds me a bit of Ico for some reason

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

No Wii. No play.

Posted by MegaGoat
@Daftasabat:  The game is finished and released in Japan a few weeks ago
Everything seen at E3 was final
Posted by JessicaBoo

oh look Limbo in colors.......
Posted by glanesb

If Super Mario and Limbo had sex with Nier

Posted by Daftasabat
@MegaGoat:  I meant early on in the game, not early on in game development :)
Edited by Shimakaze

Love the Akino Arai style music. Not sure about the gameplay, would have prefered if it would stick to the shadow thing, but maybe it's cool.
Edit: Found the original song.  It's Hinagiku by Gutevolk 

Posted by Besetment

The transition from light to dark would be a lot more interesting if the screen didn't white out like that. I don't care if it's technically easier to do.

Edited by Parsnip

God dammit, why is this only on Wii, boo.
Damn you Hudson.

Posted by FunExplosions

Looks a lot better in this trailer. I'm glad I finally watched this. It's an obvious tribute to Ico, but that can only be a good thing, if it's done justly.

Posted by Spaceyoghurt

Hmm... nah, looks boring to be honest. Especially since Limbo recently came out and set the bar for these types of games. Looks like "Lost in Shadow" doesn't even come close. To bad, was curious about it when it was announced. Not so much any more.

Edited by MeatSim

I forget Hudson existed.

Posted by Kenshiro28
@Branthog: how's that bad? Alot of games have had a history of using good art design and little tricks to hide technical limitations. Silent Hill's use of fog, Jumping Flash's weird-trippy visuals, those "loading" hallways in Symphony of the Night...
Edited by TwoOneFive

echocrome ii has taken this idea and already made a much better puzzle game minus the cool story/settings. the gameplay hear looks quite linear. i like echocrome ii's approach with changing the perspectives, its a lot trickier and brain twisting. 

Posted by Hostile

With apologies to the developer of this game if I'm going to bitch about Limbo being $15 I have to do the same here. It does look awesome though.

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