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is it? 
 Yes it is! 
Funny scene too :-)

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The credits should be good.

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Some XBLA weirdness!!!

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A whole year away. :(

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.... I liked the first one but I hope that the character doesn't get on my nerves. 

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I HEART TWISTED PIXEL. These guys are incredible.

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Even the ladies love donuts!
Edit: Trying to figure out why Ms. sounded so familiar. It's one of the Cutey Cupids from Comic Jumper. (Joy!)

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Hope its as great as the first.

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I love the Twisted Pixel guys, but I dunno if I really want to slog through another Splosion Man.  The first one was more than enough for me.

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@Hairy_Fish said:
" A whole year away. :( "
I'm more than happy to wait!
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Great, another game I feel obligated to S Rank

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This is the exact perfect game to revive the once-used "Ms." convention.

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Yes please.

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I should probably get around to finishing 'Splosion Man.

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Awwww yeah. I want some Splosion' Rule #34 action.

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awesome trailer

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Lol lookin forward to it!

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is there a national donut day somewhere? there should be

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I know these cats lost a little cred with Comic Jumper (I didn't hate it) but this trailer is great. Loved the first, will buy this day one.

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Yaaaay CAKE!!!! (Not a Portal reference.)

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Hmmm... This reminds me I haven't finished the extra levels that came with Comic Jumper.


ha, ha, ha, ha, miss splosion man. Can't wait, especially since this splosion lady can perform nuclear explosions...

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Oh man this is crazy. 

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@AllanIceman said:
" The credits should be good. "
Needs more awsome creditness, now!!!
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Really? Wowzers, this looks silly.
Interest peaked. :D

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I was waiting for this... AWESOME!

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Not really liking the "splode again" scream there.

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she looks twice as annoying as splosion man.....which is good... but .... she also seems only half as funny....

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Ms. splosion sounds a lot like Kari Wahlgren.

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Not a Portal reference.

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stoked :)

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Why not call it 'Splosion Woman

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@gnark1ll420 said:

Why not call it 'Splosion Woman


Cause Ms. Pacman.
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Looks good

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Too perfect for words.

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@KaiUnderneath said:
" Awwww yeah. I want some Splosion' Rule #34 action. "

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@artofwar420 said:
" @gnark1ll420 said:

Why not call it 'Splosion Woman

Cause Ms. Pacman. "
But that was dumb too. You'd think advanced since then. It's kinda sexist.
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Get right outta town!

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That was awesome!

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@applet0n said:
" @KaiUnderneath said:
" Awwww yeah. I want some Splosion' Rule #34 action. "
I could get behind that.
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 Ms. Splosion Man...such a hot ass

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This is the fault of unprofessional scientist.