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Damn Conker, yes you are.

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Awesome, I guess.

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I feel bad for never completing the first Ultimate Alliance...

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I have never heard of Iron Fist before.

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if i were them, i wouldve put out a spiderman one just because EVERYONE knows who he is

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Heck yes, I was hoping Iron Fist would be in MUA2.

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I liked playing Iron Fist In spiderman Friend or Foe ( stupid easy 1000achievement points to you achievement junkies) and you could spam the hell out of some of his attacks. I'm glad he's in the game.

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The first one was pretty cool.  Maybe I'll like this one more.

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I don't' know who he is but I don't really care. I do know that I'm stoked for this game though. I love the first one. In fact, I think I'm going to go play through it again. It's been a while since my last run through.

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Wha...? Who is that guy?

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Umm... Iron Fist is pretty prominent in the Marvel Universe, he's been around since 1974.  In the Marvel Civil War he disguised himself as Daredevil

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Did I just see him do 3 moves and some that's meant to make me buy the game.

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Conker should have said "Fist!"

I wonder why they chose Iron Fist to show off.  He has been around for a while, but as can be seen from the comments, he's not very well known.  He hasn't even been a "constant" in the Marvel universe.  Like Moon Knight, and even Ghost Rider for example, there have been times when Marvel didn't use him in anything for rather long stretches.
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i dislike the costume they have for him....good thing about the first MAU was they had 3 other costumes so i guess i cant complain

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Anyone else notice how none of those hit animations were actually contacting with the enemy?

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I hope Deadpool is in this. He was my favorite character in the first one. I like how they put in lesser known Marvel characters.

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I am pretty sure they are just showing off the new characters that weren't in the first one.  So even if you never heard of Iron Fist, well... it got you guys talking about it at least.  

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Errm, who the hell is this dude again?

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I don't know who Iron Fist is but this still got me way excited.

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Man I loved the first one...can't wait for the second.

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Mmmm No.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the definition of "meh".

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The first was really good...I hope this delivers also

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Never heard of him.

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You don't know who Iron Fist!  Go to bed, no dinner for you!

I gotta say though that was a rather lackluster preview.  I thought the first one was overrated and just meh.  I am hopping this one is better.

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I love civil war this is going to be awesome !

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I'm guessing that since this was so short, this is only the first in a series of short promo trailers that they'll be releasing showing off the new characters that will be in the game.

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why not do a trailer of say..... wolverine or captain america instead of some barely know dude?