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Posted by ProfessorEss

man oh man the music is good.

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Still looks like halo, but with jetpacks. oh and they finally gave be what I wanted, a human semi auto rifle.

Posted by Digbert

It's just Halo :(

Posted by discost3w

Jetpacks? wtf

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Posted by Steve_Ramirez

Jizz everywhere! Holy Cow that was amazing

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Posted by fooflighter737

Not really seeing the new and improved engine here...maybe it's the video compression

Posted by ajamafalous

Well I'm suddenly less interested in this game.

Posted by Horace

Well, that's Halo alright.  Now with jetpacks and knives.

Posted by fooflighter737

Looks yawntastic....

Posted by TheYear20XX

Halo: Tribes?

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Posted by blake_brown

kinda looks like halo 3.  but i'll damn sure be buying it.

Posted by Dustpan

What no grappling hook?

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Wow is it just me or does the music sound like something from Half Life? Which I am totally ok with because Half Life is awesome. I am trying to find the song it sounds like now.
Trailer looks SICK.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Great trailer, and awesome music

Posted by Dustpan

Did anyone else think the music sounded a lot like a piece of music from Kingdom Hearts?

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Seeing that jet pack makes me want to play Tribes.

Posted by Trejik

Zombieland style motion text is the new trend of 2010?
Also, badass music.

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I have hated every halo since the first one, and I really want to play this, it looks awesome. they even brought back the 2x zoom pistol in multiplayer. 
also, I see no dual wielding, which is awesome.

Posted by GaspoweR

The explosions are noticeably more spectacular this time around.

Posted by PJ
@chughes737 said:
" Not really seeing the new and improved engine here...maybe it's the video compression "
or maby you just havent played Halo 3 in a while. Trust me, this looks alot better.
Posted by Foggen
@MisuseOfLasers said:
" Halo: Tribes? "
That's all I ever wanted from Halo, from the very beginning.
Posted by Jackel2072

i like it!

Posted by Milpool
@Ventilaator said:

lol, childhood obesity
Posted by Rotnac

the game looks fantastic. glad that its not so colourful and more gritty and realistic looking now. :D

Posted by Ratcabbage

Assassinations? Do they really need more humiliating ways to die in Halo?

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Posted by masterpaperlink

to music reminded me of metriod prime, not a bad thing at all.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Oh, so it's a Halo game then?

Posted by stinky

this looks nice and all. 
 but i'm a single player guy and i'm hoping that that part of the game isn't being shafted like i felt it was in 3. 

Posted by louiedog

The problem with prequels is that they have to offer you better stuff than previous games, which makes you wonder where all of that cool tech disappeared to.

Posted by Jeffsekai
@BenderUnit22 said:
" Oh, so it's a Halo game then? "
You didnt watch it then?
Posted by S0ndor

Oh look! A new multiplayer patch for Halo 3!

Posted by Yzzerdd

Just what Halo needs more instant kill moves where lag rules supreme.

Posted by Yzzerdd
@Rotnac: So you like all your games to look brown and as stale as possible?
Posted by BenderUnit22
@Jeffsekai said:
" @BenderUnit22 said:
" Oh, so it's a Halo game then? "
You didnt watch it then? "
I saw different colored spartans running around with Halo guns and energy swords. Jet pack is new though
Posted by Haoshiro

Zombieland?  Fringe did it first... and I'm sure it was done even before that. :) 
Trailer looks awesome, goodbye Halo 3 MP, your days are numbered.

Posted by SlimDogg95

Looks good. Should be a great last game in the Bungie Halo saga.

Posted by ArcLyte

Bungie has managed to make me interested in halo again. can't wait.

Posted by M16MoJo

Um, UT2003 anyone?

Posted by Tesla

Halo baby, fuck the haters.

Posted by Nikral

But does it have Matchmaking!?!


Not to sound like a dork, but this is Alpha gameplay, not Beta.

Posted by JDDrewes

just when i started to think that halo was old and outdated....

Posted by AjayRaz

holy shit 

Posted by Regal
@S0ndor said:
" Oh look! A new multiplayer patch for Halo 3!  ... "
Very clever.  
People are too used to saying this when they see a halo game as a knee-jerk reaction. What they have shown so far is the engine, which is retooled and updated from the ground up - and the multiplayer - where they have already introduced new melee, sprint, jetpack and vehicle mechanics that actually change the core of the gameplay unlike say, new perks, or other standard sequel additions to the MP. 
But good for you S0ndor, you got to rehash the "This is a halo game" - line that are so popular whenever something halo related is shown. If they are actually showing new stuff or not is not whats important here - it's the comedic gold which is S0ndor's halo satire. 
Posted by Ventilaator

The Reach story is the single part of the entire fiction of the Halo series that I'm actually somewhat interested in seeing, so I couldn't care less about the multiplayer bit.