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Posted by MrJorOwe

Shoot music? Okay

Posted by KarlPilkington

I can't wait to pay $5 for a saxophone rocket launcher.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

wait, what?

Posted by Slunks

Any music is a weapon with John Drake involved.

Also diet coke.

Posted by DeathSandwich

Saints Row 4 Dubstep gun: The game.

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Posted by travellinman

dubstep gun.. ok, i'm in..

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Looks cool + don't trust them to not employ shady F2P shit = pass

Posted by rahulricky

I'd say Harmonix get benefit of the doubt with F2P, they seem less likely to employ shady tactics than most.

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Posted by Johntdrake

I'd say "wait and see" on our F2P shit being super shady. We've never been super shady in the past...maybe give us a chance?


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I will hunt down everyone who uses dubstep.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

I'd say "wait and see" on our F2P shit being super shady. We've never been super shady in the past...maybe give us a chance?


Alright, you get the benefit of the doubt ... but only because you asked.

Posted by MrGtD

I can do this. I can play this game. I can play it a lot.

Posted by ChrisTaran

John Drake and the crew will always get the benefit of the doubt from me. Can't wait to check it out. Hope I make it into the alpha!

Posted by JesterPC238

I actually wrote up a design doc for a music themed FPS that would use rhythm as a mechanic. Cool to see that Harmonix is making something similar!

Posted by EpicVandal

Was that a dubstep gun? Also, was Aerosmith consulted for this and/or where does this fit in to the RevolutionX timeline?

Posted by SteveVacation

The look of this is super rad. Definitely interested in playing this.

Posted by kalnet101

If they can implement a "Make your own gun" feature, that would be the best.

Posted by IronScimitar

Dub horns would be the ultimate weapon.

Posted by Deathpooky

Saints' Row's dubstep gun turned into full game? I could get behind that.

Does it play my Rock Band songs?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

I want one of those futuremasks.

Posted by Manhattan_Project

If the dubstep is set to like two, I'm in.

Posted by Elod

Music is your weapon.

Sound is your arsenal.

Guns are your guitars.

Pistols are your drumsticks.


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Wonder if you import music for your ammo or something like that. Could end up with the stuff of nightmares in multiplayer.

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Also, who is that guy at 0:14? Looks like the same person as the "lawyer" in that recent dogecoin goatse.cx video.

Posted by Falconer

This is it right? The end of video games? I mean, it has to be.

On a more serious note, I hope I can mow people down with the power of Neil Peart's drum solos.

Posted by rmanthorp

I'd say "wait and see" on our F2P shit being super shady. We've never been super shady in the past...maybe give us a chance?



Posted by Deadstar

I'm droppin' plates!

Posted by spacehobbitz

Finally, my favorite Cartel album gets a game. Thanks HMX!

Posted by yeliwofthecorn

Leave it to Harmonix to turn a throwaway joke in a Volition game into something that looks totally viable.

Posted by Alyssia

This looks super cool.

Posted by GTCknight

Dubstep guns for everybody!!!!

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This would be cool if dub step wasn't involved. Hopefully the endgame is inclusive to what music there will be.

Posted by BoZZ0

Well this looks interesting i love music games and harmonix is an awesome studio! will definitely keep an eye on this game.

Posted by kylenalepa

@johntdrake: Cool looking teaser. Any timeframe for when gameplay footage might be released?

Posted by YoThatLimp

This actually sounds super cool, plus Harmonnix has a great pedigree so color me excited.

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I thought this looked pretty cool, then they started shooting noise.

hopefully they are aware how much this dubstep sucks and thats why they blew up the noisy man

Posted by CynicalRodent

And so, Dubstep was finally defeated.

Posted by MarkHawk

Can't wait to see what some of the gameplay starts to look like. Only odd part to me is how they'll make money off their free to play model. Not normally a fan of that but I'm a less of a fan of people passing on Harmonix titles.

Also coming off of Disney's Fantasia series I am interested to see how they mash/twist generas for a shooter.

Posted by StarvingGamer

Saints Row 4 Dubstep gun: The game.

Exactly what I thought

Posted by GreggD

You are the music

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Oh man, if I could import the Tron soundtrack into the game, that would be so baller.

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Looks interesting, I other hope musical styles are prevalent along with dubstep. A blasting orchestral sound coming out of a gun is way more interesting to me than anything dubstep related.

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@alexandersheen: THAT WOULD BE AMAZEBALLS. I hope there is more music than just the dubstep.

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This concept sounds great, I signed up for the alpha post haste.

Posted by Benmo316

This concept seems pretty cool. I'll be looking out for this one.

Posted by AngriGhandi

I am interested in this.

There's apparently a good bit of information about how the guns work already on the wiki page, including a dual-pistols loadout where you fire the left and right pistol by playing a Rock Band Blitz style two note music highway.

That sounds pretty great.

Posted by Vicious17

It's like they made an entire game based on the concept of SR4's Dubstep Gun. I need this!

Posted by aidros

Sounds and Looks GORGEOUS! Definitely signing up for alpha-play