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??? no jar

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I hate it when i wake up with a raging morning Jarcket.

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broken video

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The light! It burnsssssss.

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My Bombcast download turned out to only be a minute while I went on my journey. Now the jar time is broken.......WHY CANT I GET MY JEFF FIX!!!!

Posted by CosmicQueso

Hmmm... kinda have a Hoarders vibe from this vid.

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it tis broken!?

Posted by Pudge

I was just saying it's been to long since a Jar Time vid. Can't wait to watch!

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Jarcket and Clonk

Posted by chilibean_3

Why would you name something this?!

Posted by Sergeant_Stubby

cool, atleast alittle jar-time.... better than nothing

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This is entirely wrong. There is DAYLIGHT outside.

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@drowsap said:

??? no jar


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You into Paul Simon?

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How do we send questions to Jeff?

Posted by gakon

I know the polo plus combed-over hair is a pretty common Jeff Gerstmann look, but oh man does he ever look like someone's dad.

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haha Yeah look att Gerstmann all dolled up and waiting for his day-time date with Ryan.

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@drowsap: If you look real close like at the start of the video, you might just see a jar!

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I love the completely random names for these videos.

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I played Mad Maxxi recently and there was some dubstep-y music in that. I bet it'll be in Bordlerlands 2.

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This video just proves the theory that it is never too early for moonshine.

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@bonorbitz: PM his account on Anime Vice

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I never took Jeff for being into hippy music.

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Jeff looking super clean this morning.

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Big Jar in the morning

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was that a Rainbow Road ringtone?

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It's still Jar-time to me damn it!

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Real Talk from the Gerstmann

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I prefer my Jar time in the dark.

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I could listen to Jeff talking for hours, but I guess 30 minutes will have to suffice.

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Please Boarderlands 2, please leave out the dubstep for the love of God. Please. Also, yay for Jar Time!

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YEAHHHH, I love these!

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@CosmicQueso said:

Hmmm... kinda have a Hoarders vibe from this vid.

.... just this one? I think that this entire series has been a desperate subliminal cry for help from Jeff.

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I finished the MW3 SP in well under four hours,  but it felt like it took far longer, which is a very very good thing in game design. But ddespite this age of people not finishing games, they have the gall to complain of their "only touching SP not even thinking about co-op or SP" behaviour, without even touching a game. Like Battlefield 3 - not complaining about the QTEs in it, but about the length it takes to finish.
These people would have committed suicide if they were alive in and gaming in the 80's and 90's, and I say bring on the time machines.

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somewhat controversial hint of Hitler moustache

Posted by WickedCobra03

@WordsAreDeeds said:

somewhat controversial hint of Hitler moustache

I think he just has a deep philtrum.

Also, I could use another hour of jar-time with Jeff Gerstmann. Ehhh, 30 minutes isn't long enough.

Posted by Shaanyboi

33 minutes of jar time is better than no minutes of jar time.

Posted by Y2Ken

Man, it's amazing how easy it is to watch these videos. A guy sitting in front of a camera talking for half an hour with no additional visual content is a pretty hard sell, but Jeff has a talent for keeping you engaged. Also it does work just fine in the background if you do have something useful to be doing at the same time.

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@SerHulse said:

@bonorbitz: PM his account on Anime Vice

I thought you were fucking with me until I saw the end of the video!

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Jeff is a good word talking guy. I enjoy the word usements he structures. 

Posted by shrinerr

So Jeff, what drinks did you buy at the gas station?

Posted by Anarki

Did he really say find a way to get fired? 24:25 ish

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Wow, I just noticed that Jeff has a Montreal's Expos baseball cap on his shelf over his tv!


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Your room is way to bright in the morning

@Megasoum: and a old school brewers hat!

Posted by The_BrownGhost

Heavy drops imminent!

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I can't stop looking at the dark spot on Jeff's upper lib...makes me think of some kind of beard ARGH!

Posted by Rayeth

Aw shit. Thanks for answering my question Jeff!

Posted by I_smell

Who do you think was on the phone??