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I prefer N#. Easier to program in.

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N+ was one of the first live arcade games that I ever bought. It's also one of the few games that make me wish I still had a 360. Looking forward to this!

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@ancientmecha: I dunno, Nisp has some beautiful elegance to it.

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I'm old school, all about the Nortran and the Nobol.

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That had me dancing.

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@officer_falcon: Nisp is alright (if you like narenthesis) , but Naskell is where it's at! Also, if you're into Nisp, you should definitely check out Nlojure.

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Oh shit son, it's on! Spent probably hundreds of hours into N (free PC version) and listened to many a podcast during it.

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I played a lot of N back when it was just a flash game, glad to see there still doing these.

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Also, Nuby has really elegant nyntax.

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Any UK users think this teser sounds/looks like the opening credits to a season of Skins?

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Nsm for me - right to the heart of the beast. Also N++ available free on the PC straight from the man.

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Played way to much of the flashgame in class when I still went to highschool and completed every level of the XLA version. One of the best games of this generation in my humble opinion,and this is my main reason to buy a Vita :D (together with finally getting a chance to play P4G)

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I actually didn't like the trailer much -- certainly not a good pitch for those who haven't played N+. There were fleeting images of potential stages, which has me excited, though.

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Okay? That didn't tell me shit. As someone who finished all the singleplayer levels and most of co-op in N+ I'm definitely getting this game, but not because of the trailer.

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@paulunga It's not a trailer, it's a teaser. :-)

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@mlarrabee: I tried using Nava one time, it just wasn't quite as good.

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Does this mean the next game will have more than one background track? That'd be nice.

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@protome said:

@mlarrabee: I tried using Nava one time, it just wasn't quite as good.

Hey, did you ever play Mortal Nombat?

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Any UK users think this teser sounds/looks like the opening credits to a season of Skins?

Not a UK user but yes, it does remind me of the opening credits for Skins.

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wow, wasn't expecting this. I played a lot of N+ on the 360 years ago. Then Super Meatboy came out and it was hard to go back to the control mechanics of N+ after that.. but hey maybe they'll tweak things a bit. I'm down.

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I am jamming out to the music in this trailer right now.

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I didn't realize how much I needed another one of these.

Great little teaser, and the music is perfect!

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I do a lot of stuff with music audio programming, so I actually prefer to use Nax/MSP or Nupercollider.

On a more serious note, this is a really neat trailer.

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It takes some getting used to, but I've really started to enjoy Nindfuck

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So this one is about the ninja's struggle with drug use?

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This is a really terrible teaser when you can't watch it with sound due to being stuck in an emergency room. Quite the oversight, there.

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Who else has been playing this trailer over and over just to listen to the music..?