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As long as Deep Down doesn't suck.

Wait, I don't think that has anything to do with Namco. What the hell am I talking about?

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I hope this is like mobile suit gundam extreme vs

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Neat idea. I'd rather have to pay for it.

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The character design seems...cool. I guess.

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@ett said:

I hope this is like mobile suit gundam extreme vs

it seems to me that it will be quite a bit like that

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Cleavage is not a choice. It is inevitable.

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Was Dr Wily with a scythe just fighting the guy from Prototype?

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Wait, so the game is called Rise of Incarnates?
It has two on two gameplay. Alpha signups are live, and it is free to play?

Half Life 3 confirmed!

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"Every generation thinks it can avoid war."

"War is not a choice."

Hello, anime/manga video game. This is Reality calling; why haven't you called me back? We need to talk.

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This looks amazing

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I thought prototype as well when I saw that. That's not Alex Mercer though.

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F2P from a Japanese publisher? Expect to pay out the ass if you want to have fun/win.

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Reminded me of Phantom Dust, except not as appealing. I'm kind of over the ridiculously skimpy outfits on female characters while no one else is sexualised.

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Anarchy Reins????

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This just makes me want to play Anarchy Reigns.

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The graphics seem decent but the character designs dont seem to match the colour pallet or tone. Personally I think it would be better off going for more of a Guilty Gear / Anarchy Reigns vibe. Hopefully it plays well though, conceptually it seems cool.

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Need a name? No problem!

Just use this formula!

(noun) of (noun)

Easy as that!!!

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I sure hope that lady finds her cyber-coat.

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looks stupid

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Dudes arm looks really Prototype-y

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I thought it looked pretty cool, until I saw the gameplay.

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Dr Wiley?

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It looks nice. But I have no idea what that this game is from the trailer alone.