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Posted by Jeffsekai

I wonder who put this up

Posted by Vigorousjammer

Looks pretty cool...
not getting it in this busy fall season, but I may get it eventually... Rise of a Ninja was an awesome game!

Posted by zitosilva

Looks pretty, but Ninja Storm looks more interesting.

Posted by Chewii101

Plz...kill off this franchise

Posted by Psynapse

Meh... I'd rather a Bleach game..

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Man, this was one of the coolest sagas in the show. If they pull it off right, it could really be a great game.

Naruto VS Sasuke best be as epic as the anime made it.

Posted by Wright

psh there's enough naruto games...need more bleach/one piece >=D if anyone was devoted enough to make an epic one, that is.

Posted by trav3ler

I adore the graphics, but I can't get excited about the game at all... Narute doesn't do it for me, I'm more a Cowboy Bebop/Speed Grapher/Trigun guy.

A Trigun game... that would be spectacular.
Posted by roofy

who put the dreamcast logo on the back of that kids jacket and forhead?

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I really like the Ubisoft Naruto games, I hope they keep it up. Can't wait for them to do the Shippuuden too. Which should be soon, unless they decide to do the fillers? (Please god no!)

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

I enjoyed the last Ubisoft Naruto (when I put the Japanese voices in) it was a fun game, I will get this one too, but what I want is a good Bleach game I don't have to import.

Posted by DragoonKain1687

Graphically speaking it looks good, but the movements, oh god, they look so old gen that it hurts my eyes. They all look robotic, and combat does not look fluid. I guess this guys should ask Namco for help. After games as Burst Limit (crappiness of the rooster aside) and the recent UNS one would think that they would improve the whole package.

Posted by darkjester74

Looks great!  Picking it up tomorrow. 

Posted by Media_Master

only 360, no buy

Posted by TwoOneFive

the animations look weak, but the graphics are top notch 

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Posted by Mesklinite

Not worth a 70$ buy, but definitively worth 40$

Posted by oraknabo

I hated the floaty jumping mechanic in the first, but loved the town of Konoha. I played the demo and the jump seemed a little better and I liked the battles. I never played a Naruto fighter, but the Ubisoft games are the exactly the way an anime game should be done.

Posted by Arjuna

A Naruto fan who is waiting for a really good naruto game.  I think this might finally be it, based on the look of this trailer.

Posted by Bouke

This looks great! But i still have to play Rise of a Ninja, which should drop in price once this releases... Ubisoft keep it up! Wish i could play the Ultimate Ninja Storm game as well... to bad its not one game (Broken Bond + Ultimate Ninja Storm)  for both 360 and PS3!
Posted by TaintedSun

Must finish the games that I'm currently playing so I can play Rise of a Ninja so that I can play this before other games come out and I'm playing them!

Oh man. Alt-Q-Q life.

Posted by MajesticOverlord

If you're a Naruto Fan the game is great. As for this Trailer, apart from the Epic Naruto tune the video was a complete embarrassment. Whoever put this dull video together should reconsider their career.. 

Posted by Generiko

I wonder who put this up

It was Vinny

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@generiko said:

@jeffsekai said:

I wonder who put this up

It was Vinny

I posted that commend in 2008