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I might get this for the Ps4.

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But what does real-life Charles Barkley have to say about all of this? The world demands answers!

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i love MJ i could listen to his stories all day everyday

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I could listen to MJ talk for hours.

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Still waiting for the news of NBA Live's cancellation

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Just bought NBA2k14, Ass Creed BF and NFS RIVALs @ target for the buy 2 get 1 free!


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Man, Jordan is awesome. I guess if you're speaking in terms of who is the most dominate player ever in the NBA you may have to tip your hat to one Mr. Bill Russell. But to me, no one embodies the game of basketball or maybe even sports the way Jordan did. A salute to his airness!

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If I had a PS4 now I would definitely purchase this. Looks great!

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In-Game Jordan's mustache is pretty gross lookin', so it's good to see that they managed to get that detail down. As much shit as I give Jordan for his off-court shenanigans, I'll always respect the man for his basketball accomplishments and Space Jam.

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So...does this mean the Jordan challenges are returning for the PS4 version of 2K14?

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I so badly want to watch MJ sit down and play 2K14

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I so badly want to watch MJ sit down and play 2K14

Hell, I'd sit and watch Giant Bomb sit down and watch MJ sit down and play 2K14.

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He missed an opportunity to talk about Bugs Bunny with that first question.

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Basketball Jones!!!

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Nice to see Michael seems to have mellowed and grown humble a bit. I worried what he might turn to to satisfy that competitive hunger now that basketball is a distant memory.

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@siphillis: Guess you haven't seen his HoF speech

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They should have asked them why the Charlotte Bobcats are so terrible.

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The Dream!