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Posted by Morningstar

And stupid.

Posted by jjnen

They didn't even bother to show gameplay?

Edited by SpydrMrphy

So it's a game where you dribble a basket ball? That's now a game? I'm so confused...

Also I thought Microsoft didn't want props for Kinect.

Posted by jgree21

Yeah, how is this getting away with using an object other than your body?

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

So this is going to be a rhythm based Kinect game that uses an actual basketball?


Posted by Ramone

That looks fucking awful

Posted by sub_o

Isn't that dangerous to your TV ?

Posted by RE_Player1

Kinect is the future of gaming and this proves it.

Posted by Ravelle

Have you ever bounced a ball inside your living room? It's loud as hell and nowhere near the sound of the video. I don't think neighbours or any other residents of your house are fine with this. Let alone basket balls crushing every breakable object in the room. :P

Posted by claudius

Woah! A kinect game where you use a ball as an accessory! I thought that wasn't allowed!

Posted by Sweep

This game is going to piss off so many people.

I cannot wait.

Posted by MisterMouse

@claudius: I was under the same impression.

Posted by HiScores

As a general rule, I play video games so I can do things that I can't do in real life. The only thing this game(?) achieves is removing the embarrassment when I try some basketball skill on a real court and end up on my ass and replaces it with a huge bill and a trip to the hospital when I trip and put my face through my TV.

Posted by VikG

This "ad" just looks like a shitty parody video :-/ how is this supposed to promote any product in a positive way?

Even the voice over guy seems to have lost the will to live

Posted by Daruna

But can you Chaos Dunk?

Posted by GuyIncognito

Kinect: you are the basketball.

Posted by Aviar

Yeah, what's up with not even showing what the game actually looks like. Also, how many people actually have a floor like that where their 360 is. I'm sorry, but I don't think this game will play too good on carpeting. Are they expecting everyone to take their tv's and 360's out into the garage or driveway?

How did this game even get green lit to be made? I would of loved to heard the pitch for this game. What's next, soccer with a real ball that you shoot at your screen? I'm sure that would be HUGE over in Europe.

Edited by theswoosh

@msavo said:

Kinect is the future of gaming and this proves it.

Not sure if serious

Posted by iAmJohn

At least that Busta Rhymes song was okay.

Posted by Helios1337

Wait... what?

Posted by Hockeymask27

The graphics are so life like.

Posted by Error1355

This is the true gaming that only the Xbox Kinect can bring.

Posted by Coolarman

What if someone has a kinect in their living room? Isn't hard for a ball to bounce on carpet? And you could break something

Posted by ScorpioNicus

Why play basketball for free when you can shell out hundreds of dollars to put dents in your floor?

Posted by Suicrat

Wait, was it an Adidas ad or a video game ad? I think I need a new wristband…

Posted by Acheron

@SpydrMrphy said:

So it's a game where you dribble a basket ball? That's now a game? I'm so confused...

Also I thought Microsoft didn't want props for Kinect.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Posted by HeavyDuty32

Sooooo.....that was Busta Rhymes, wasn't it?

Also, I thought Microsoft said using objects with Kinect is the devil, what gives?

Posted by I_smell

How did this get green-lit?

Posted by MeatSim

This is how you make to the NBA.

Edited by KovicMAN

please make it stop, PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Aetheldod

So duders ... you still think Kineect wasnt such a bad idea?

Posted by Zippedbinders

@Daruna said:

But can you Chaos Dunk?

Oh my god. If they actually put the Chaos Dunk in there, it would be amazing.

Posted by Terjay

What the fuck did I just watch?

Posted by Mnemoidian

Did they just say "real ball"? I didn't think Microsoft allowed Peripherals? :P

Seriously though... the Kinect's current library already doesn't really seem to understand what kind of homes people live in. This... steps it up a notch? Yeah... great :P

Posted by devil_spawn666

please please please do a QL of this. PLEASE!

Posted by Skullomania

By Dre Common.

Posted by PhilipDuck

Oh no.. I'm sorry but when I go to play ball if I bounce the ball in the house it makes the worst noise ever and just isn't a good idea to be doing that in the house, this game isn't going to work at all... feel sorry for the developers.

Posted by mustachioeugene

One can only hope that gave the actor in this commercial a thumbdrive full of nasty porn.

Posted by kickinthehead

Bad Idea jeans.

Posted by sublime90

OR just take your "real ball" and "real skills" and go outside and play real basketball?

Posted by buzz_killington

So you can use actual objects with Kinect now? Can't wait for a game that uses it properly.

Posted by Kazona

Only three words come to mind upon seeing this:

What. The. Fuck.

Posted by Mumrik

Calling it right now - basketball dribbling rhythm game. Rhythm basketball fever style.

Posted by Truckalicious

With the power of Kinect YOU TOO can be rendered as a green wire-frame man from the 90's

Posted by smitty86

How great is it that the only thing that came to my mind watching this was: "Why did they pick this shitty ass Busta Rhymes song?" He phoned the hell out of this one for them. Could have just put on....a censored version of "What the Fuck Y'all Want" or maybe "Break Ya Neck".

Oh, and this thing looks like a pile of shit. Kinect y'all! Get excited!

Posted by Paindamnation

I love how I guessed it was Alex :D

Posted by triviaman09

Perfect for when you feel like dribbling a basketball, but outside is just too damn far away.

Posted by MostlyBearded

I totally knew a guy like that back in high school. He'd constantly dribble his basketball, even in class where I was forced to sit next to him. The sounds of dribbling drove me mad.

Posted by EverydayOdyssey

It's gotta be the shoes!

Posted by FatWhiteLump

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