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Posted by MariachiMacabre

Everything could go wrong.

Posted by Vinny_Says

About fucking time

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Who thought this was a good idea?

Posted by msavo

Day 1 buy for me.

Posted by endaround

Do you get to go to LA and see LL Cool J?

Posted by Summoboomo

Who is the appealing to? I thought the only people who watched NCIS were too old to know what video games were.

Posted by phrosnite

Not interested.

Posted by Vexxan

Everything WILL go wrong.

Posted by endaround

Not sure what's better, the disinterested voice acting or the character models that look nothing like the actors.

Posted by Delta_Ass

Because the CSI games were so fucking wonderful.

Posted by Largo6661

if telltale isnt doing it I'm so out!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Yummylee

Quick-Look gold, to be sure.

Posted by FritzDude

This really puts L.A Noire's facial animations to shame.

Posted by Kucheeky


Posted by claudius

That flash of an american flag at the end was a nice touch.

Posted by Swoxx

And how exactly is this going to be different from the CSI games?

Posted by mlarrabee

How great would it be if it turned out as well as Arkham Asylum!

Posted by kitsunezeta

@Summoboomo said:

Who is the appealing to? I thought the only people who watched NCIS were too old to know what video games were.


Also, fairly certain this won't do the series justice.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

I hated the series, it was just a bunch of overly stereotypical characters put in fairly generic situations. This doesn't look any better..

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I want the writers of the series put down the system requirements for that game

- 16 Core

- 10 Meg Pipe for faster response times

Posted by Spoonman671

Not doing her justice.

Posted by kollay

@Spoonman671: Is her face that small?

Posted by ThePencil

'Press X to use Gibbs' Gut'

Posted by SgtGrumbles

Watching this kind of made me feel bad for the developers for some reason.

Posted by Simplexity

The models look like they are from Half-Life and I am talking the original Half life.

Posted by Insectecutor

Is that the really show's theme music? Tell me that is not this show's theme music.

Posted by Elusionar

Only UBIsoft is that shameless.

Posted by mylifeforAiur

I look forward to purchasing this game for around ten bucks when EB Games inevitably puts it on sale.

Posted by scraz

Hey but your dad will play it right?

Posted by Jeffk38uk

@Insectecutor: It is, but they did a bad job of making it last several minutes by just repeating the theme again and again in a loop.

Posted by the_unabomber

Abby is in the game, I'll be first in line to purchase this gem.

Posted by jay35

I remember playing a game of this visual quality over ten years ago, it was called Rainbow Six.

Posted by wh1terav3n

1. What's up with the PS2 graphics.

2. Why does Ducky look like he came straight from a graphic novel and all the others just look bad. You can even see the black outline lines around him...wth?

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

@mylifeforAiur: $10? You're giving it to much credit.

Edited by Robopengy

Can't wait to play that episode where the guy who played video-games killed someone because of video-games

Posted by Koobz

I bet the little CS on the bed at 1:01 means "crap stain." Watch out for those released bowels!

NCIS: Tactical Poop Action

Posted by jorbear

This is what L.A. Noire should have been.

Posted by JEC03

I want a third person breaking bad game run on the cryengine 3 and developed by Rockstar North.

Edited by Oni

Holy shit those graphics are bad. Like, it looks like an upressed PS2 game. It looks like the budget for the actual game part was about 500 dollars.

Posted by CitizenKane

Mark Harmon: The Greatest Actor Who Ever Lived

Posted by roughplague


I think NCIS is pretty fun to watch..this however, looks...like the CSI games, but with direct character control, I'm not usually the one to be the nodoubter, but this I think has no chance to be good, maybe some interesting stuff they might do, but overall game? no way

Edited by suicidepacmen

A video game adaptation of a TV show that does a terrible job of portraying video games. I pray for a quick look.

Holy shit these models look terrible. The punk girl is a god damn meth zombie.

Posted by Sinful

someone spilled last gen graphics in this.....who was it?

Posted by Grillbar

LOVE the show but that game... man, ugly as hell

Posted by Grillbar

@Insectecutor said:

Is that the really show's theme music? Tell me that is not this show's theme music.

it is

Posted by MelficeVKM

Wow, this look so, so bad. But in a good way!

Posted by MormonWarrior

I love me some NCIS. This looks real, real bad.

Posted by AlexanderSheen


Posted by Ronald

Hopefully this includes the ability to be the characters who find the dead body at the beginning of the episodes. I can see one now, where you play a father in a mall and lose you son, and you have to find him while pressing "X" to call his name.

But what would really make this game great is if it was a cover based third person shooter. Play as David McCallum, but not as one of the men from UNCLE, but instead as an older medical examiner, jumping from cover to cover unloading into possible suspects.

Posted by Hackjob135

Muppet mouths...

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