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goin 80 on the freeway police catch me if you can

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Need for Speed: Enemies not more appropriate then?

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wait so are they rivals or enemies who are the rivals then?... bring Sgt Cross!

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lets make every game DARK AND GRITTY.

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That'll do indeed.

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Why isn't it need for speed: enemies then?

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I was going to buy this, but now I feel like I would be making some kind of a statement.

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Looks like every other NFS in the past couple years.

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The Dark Fiction behind Need for Speed will finally be revealed.

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Micheal bay presents...........NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS!!

I look forward to this game. Be more like Hot Pursuit please.

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Fuck it, man. The bigger, the better for my personal crooked cop narrative that may or may not actually manifest itself in the story the devs want to tell.

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What would Speed Racer think of this?

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Ugh... Can we please just go fast a crash?! Story in a racing game is so lame!

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I fully expect to get an Amazon gift card next week for my birthday. I fully expect to spend it on this.

But will Josie Maran be there?

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Well that took a really dark turn pretty fast.

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Interesting to see them put so much production into the storyline of the game. I really liked this trailer!

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I'll take another Hot Pursuit, that's what it is. Looks like they actually have some cityscape in the world, best way to make a game. They should have circuit races so you could go a lot of laps and bash into each other as cop or racer. Still think they need a pure Burnout game with a crash mode like revenge

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Is that a Bugatti Veyron cop car?

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I haven't played a racing game with a good story, but I really want to. I'm skeptical this will be it though, but as a racing game it looks really great. I'm going to get this with my PS4.

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@trout said:


Haha, yeah, pretty much.

These games get weirdly self-righteous when they try to justify why the game is all about outrunning the cops.