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Edited by UnoGenius

Don't know if I can even get it off of a vid like this lol 
Theres always next time :(  
I would be more pumped for this if Capcom wasn't such a bitch who broke my heart.

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I would pay to see Karin from SF: Alpha
Also, Ibuki is on the scene....

Posted by Midjet

That is a damn bear. Awesome.

Posted by MeatSim

Bear fart is the ultimate move that no one can stop.

Posted by MrMazz


Posted by BooDoug187

Bear fart...


7th, close!

Posted by raiz265


Posted by StriderNo9

That's a lot of lights and colors.

Posted by DonChipotle

I don't care who they announce at this point, since Julia and Poison are already in. Everyone else can fuck off for all I care. Although the fact that they put in Raven is....ugh. Talk about lame.

Posted by RE_Player1

So is Panda going to be an alternate costume?

Posted by A_Wet_Shamwow

i will always cross the line

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So Cross Art is basically ultras, Tag Cancels are even easier FADCs, magic series, SF4 input shortcuts, and then Cross Assault turns the game into Smash Brothers?

No thank you, lets see that Tekken X Street Fighter instead.

Posted by leejunfan83

tekken all day

Posted by KeepThisKoupon

oh. fart jokes.

Posted by spiceninja

An exciting and hyped battle system!  
What does that even mean!?

Posted by MisterMouse

man the cuts at the end are so quick!!!!

Posted by zombie2011

HA! The bear farted.

Posted by MarxMygdala

I need to see Zangief wrestle that thing.

Posted by MEATBALL

Goddamn I want this game! But I'll be holding off for a good 6-12 months in case there are any rumblings of a better version. I managed to avoid purchasing Street Fighter IV in favour of Super, but gave into the hype for MVC3.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Yoshimitsu, fuck yes!

Trailer was pretty damn terrible as far as fighting game trailers go, but the game itself looks to be awesome.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Did the bear just... and on Guile...


Posted by Saryy42

The playing field is never level when there's a fucking bear ready to rip your face off!

Posted by Zaccheus

"Wow they put the bear in this game, didn't expect that. Wait. Did that bear just fart in Guile's face?"

Posted by IBurningStar

I liked the part where the bear farted.

Posted by afrokola

Kuma and Hugo, good shit.

Posted by PurplePartyRobot

Wow. Dial-A-Combo shouldn't be a feature for this game.

Posted by BeefyGrandmole

After MvC3 i said i wasn't going to buy another capcom fighter anytime soon but damn this looks fun as hell.

Posted by Tan

I'm dizzy.

Posted by TheYear20XX

"Will you cross the line?" I'm pretty sure you just did by putting Guile's face in a bear's asshole.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

I request a QL of just constant Kuma vs. Gief matches for 45 minutes.

Posted by Deusx

Epileptic seizure.

Posted by pyide

Fei Long vs Marshall Law in the battle of the fake Bruce Lees

Posted by bretthancock

Honda and Kuma main, watch out.

Posted by JakeLogan

Oooof, Kuma crossed the line...
Posted by Haze

So once again Nina doesn't have an Irish accent.

Posted by Demonstride

@MarxMygdala said:

I need to see Zangief wrestle that thing.
Posted by Dan_CiTi
@CommissarDuke said:

Wow. Dial-A-Combo shouldn't be a feature for this game.

"Dial Combos" or rather magic series(and target combos), or hell just call them chains have been a Capcom thing since the early 90s. The game will still have plenty of depth, links, other kinds of combos and all that for sure. 
Anyway, I hope Dudley is in and Panda is selectable. 
Posted by nazer858

Looking amazing, can't wait to see more of the cast

Posted by ArcLyte

yeah this looks really fuckin good.

Posted by JJOR64


Posted by DrRandle

It almost feels insulting that they still include Servebots after they take away our game.

Posted by AURON570

kuma doesn't look right, imo.

Posted by NinjaHunter

That bear just farted in the face of America.

Posted by DocHaus

Not even Guile's theme can save him from a face full of flatulence...GG America, it was fun while it lasted.

Posted by DrJota

Now if they'd throw in Eddy and one of his alt costumes,I could claim that Street Fighter x Tekken has...
Lions,Tigers,and Bears,oh my!

Posted by aspaceinvader

How long will this version be superceeded by the super or arcade edition, just like Street Fighter 4 was. I can see capcom milking the ball bag outta this one.

Posted by Steparnicus

I was expecting this to be a lot more of a 3rd Strike-esque strategic affair when I first saw this announced, and its become progressively more and more mental everytime I've seen it.
I'll be interested to see how the cross assault mechanic works, will it constantly switch characters when you input a move or will you switch manually with MP+MK?

Posted by Catarrhal

Don't trust Capcom.

Posted by HyperionXR

@Catarrhal said:

Don't trust Capcom.

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