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Follow that tower!

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How is tchaikovsky not tetris themed music!?

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meh. Still not gaiden.

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Tetris never dies.

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Tetris DUUUUUUUB STEP.Pretty weak without the Vinny AR tower penis gag.

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Looks cool

Am I the only one that thought Cybemen equaled Doctor Who.

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I was hoping to see some Cybermen! They are superior at dying!

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Cool music

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There are no Cybermen in this video.

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That was some crazy Tetris. Also, that sounded like the Tetris music to me, just remixed.

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Just not doing it for me...

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Various things I've read about this game actually made me want to pick up...Tetris DS...

(I've seen comparisons to it and how that game is apparently superior, not that I have a 3DS yet anyway.)

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Doctor, I think the Tardis' sensors are malfunctioning. There are no cybermen here.

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@grimmspectre18 said:

Doctor, I think the Tardis' sensors are malfunctioning. There are no cybermen here.

Where did all the sudden Doctor Who references come from? I'm getting a little paranoid here. A few weeks ago I started watching that and Torchwood and ever since then, people keep referencing it all over the place (even in the Community season premiere!). It's weird. But also FANTASTIC :)
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After my family migrated from Ireland when I was a week old, I've grown up in the US. No matter where I lived, I somehow lucked out and old episodes of Doctor Who were aired on the local PBS.

When the show relaunched, I started watching it as soon as it aired, even when it wasn't broadcast in the US.

I have a friend who recently got into it, and he made the same comment about seeing it everywhere. What I think is actually happening is that people completely ignore/don't catch references they don't get, usually. So there is a chance these Doctor Who references have been around the site and your life forever, you're just now picking up on them.

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That's a lot of different Tetris going on.