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I'm not gonna lie, the cooperative strategies basically made it so half the people weren't playing.
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i think we could have figured it out on our own...

Posted by Skald

Coop, or catch up? Mario wasn't really made for four people of different skill levels on screen at once.

Posted by thedez

no one's gonna cooperate in this game.  it's every guy for him self.

Posted by LordKorax

Wow. I don't think they could have made that more boring if they had tried.

Posted by OregonTrail

The dead zone effect that Brad was talking about was also the reason that the DS version felt weird to me. Great game, but fundamentally a departure from the classic Nintendo platforming feel.

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Hahahahah single player water crossing? WTF?! Has that not been in every single Mario game since forever.  What the hell is this.

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

I thought when they said "Water-Crossing", they meant walking on water. I almost fell out of my chair. ALMOST.

Posted by Catarrhal

Is anyone else annoyed with the "remastered" music in this game? The vocal synth sounds in particular would seem reason enough for me to avoid this game entirely…

Posted by Erik

Super Awesome Startegie Carnage!

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So your best bet is to play 2 player co-op with an equally skilled player?

Posted by raggedglory

most of those didn't seem like strategies, let alone super strategies

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Are we not supposed to know how to do things like that right off the bat? I guess that would make the game difficult.

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Watch as these players pursue ENTICING feats of danger and awe!

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These are mad skills! Not even a 5 year old could pull these off.

Posted by beeryayghost

This didnt explain how to jump. Still in 1-1. Standing there.

Posted by Whiskeyjack

Not particularly super "super strategies"..

Posted by fox01313

I want my 3 minutes refunded to me as didn't really see much point to the video. Love how on the single player strategy for the secret area showed you where but still couldn't pull it off.
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I dont get it, are these really "super strategies"? I was expecting something that would blow my mind but these are things I would normally do in a Mario game minus the multiplayer

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Cooperative=carry the other guy?

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I wouldn't call these "super" strategies.

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There are parts of this trailer which just kill the pacing.

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Super doesn't come to mind. Special, however, does.

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These are lame. The in-game Super Skills videos you can buy with Star Coins are much more skillful and fun to watch.

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that as useless. I think we've all played a mario before and this isn't some fandangled revolutionary idea.

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Good to know.

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can anyone tell me why these sound designers are so in love with that horn like sounds? It gets annoying so annoying I might not get the game.

Posted by jamescheong

Same horrible music style as the DS game unfortunately

Posted by NekuCTR
@beeryayghost: dude to jump you press B, but can anyone help me with how to move? The a button isn't doing anything.
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They should so do an ER on this, see how long it lasts/how long they last.

Posted by Little_Jeff

who is this really for?

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@Haru48 said:
" @beeryayghost: dude to jump you press B, but can anyone help me with how to move? The a button isn't doing anything. "
good luck bro, i've been trying to figure that one out all night. they really gotta tone down these game a bit. idk how the players in this video do it. they probably made the game or something and that's how they know all these strategies.
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Why didn't they just title this "New Super Mario Bros. Wii Gameplay"?

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I need this game. NEED IT!

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ROFL!!! I love that most of you guys posting FAIL to see that this is obviously a "Super Strategy guide" from the genious guys at Giantbomb lol  :)   
Epic guide Giantbomb, I am really going to use that water crossing tip, Thx :P

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In other words, learn to work together!

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A great game

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That song is going to drive somebody to the brink of insanity.

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I think one of the main points was that cooperative play as well as chaotic play, both got the job done. You basically choose which one you prefer. If cooperative looked boring to you, then you likely would rather play chaotically. If chaotic looked too messy and involved too many deaths for you to be comfortable playing that way, then cooperative might be your thing. Different people see different styles as good/bad, but they are both viable.

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Wow...that skill. It's amazing

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Did Brad really take time out of his day to post the world's most obvious Mario "strategies?"

Posted by JoshS
@beeryayghost said:
" This didnt explain how to jump. Still in 1-1. Standing there. "
You win :)   I actually took the time to type my login info into GB so I could reply to this.
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I like how their suggested way of getting through the levels with 4 people is to minimize the number of actual players by picking each other up.