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I like the part in the Nintendo Direct where Reggie was just going on about the michaeltransactions in this game.

Posted by Fallen189

It's very good so far.

Posted by Xeiphyer

Really love the art style on this game.

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It came out in Japan two years ago and just released in Europe. I bought it, but haven't had the time to play it yet(finals :(). Everyone I know is LOVING it. If you liked the old (SNES) Final Fantasy games, then you'll probably like this as well.

The best feature of Bravely Default: You can set the encounter rate to 0% at any time.

Posted by Yretery

@ilikepopcans: And that's the thing I'm sure we will hear people riding on about for the next two months thanks to this nintendo direct. Can't wait to stay the hell away from the most of the internet since everyone has it except america and I can't let myself get spoiled.

Posted by rmanthorp

Out in the EU and the reason Nintendo are pushing it is because it is amazing. It's the best Final Fantasy game since 6.

Posted by AlexGBRO

good game and i think those micro tranzaction will not affect the game, it was already realease in EU and people seem to ok with the microtranzactions

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So it's like Final Fantasy, but not? I can get behind that, I guess. Looks like I'll be trying this out come 2014.

Posted by CookieMonster
Posted by nomtank

I was sold when I saw the job system.

Posted by SteveVacation
Posted by I_Stay_Puft

Man that music!

Posted by hmoney001

So this is the FF game we've been waiting for.

Posted by CDUB901

Got the collectors edition preordered

god damn the 3DS is on fire right now

Posted by lolak47

I am in the UK and got this game last week, I have spent over 20 hours on it already and I only just started chapter 2. This is easily the best 3ds game ever made. Far greater then Zelda and Pokemon. :) awesome game!

Posted by oldenglishC

All my favorite Square RPGs don't have the Final Fantasy name attached to them. I'm super excited to get my hands on this game.

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Looks great and an easy choice after how fun Four Heroes of Light was.

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dude, bravely default is my most anticipated game next year! so pumped!

Posted by MEATBALL

The game is pretty fantastic. The story isn't doing a lot for me, but the gameplay has me absolutely hooked.

Posted by CrocBox

Good! Please push away, more people should know about it. I am so excited for this game.

Posted by Igottadeuce

@paulwalif8150: Lest we forget Cash 45. They brought it like no other crew.

Posted by yesac2004

Not even a big JRPG guy but I am SO pumped for this game and the demo even sounds awesome. Also incredibly jealous of Europe for having the game already.

Posted by InternetDetective


Reddit GOTY fo sure

Posted by Redhotchilimist

I have no idea if it's any good but I've listened to the soundtrack a lot this year. Pretty stoked about it finally making its way here.

Posted by jayc4life

Been really enjoying the demo of this, will likely buy the full version of it in the new year with my Christmas money. Just got my 3DS a few weeks ago, so with this, Super Mario 3D Land, Pokemon Y, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, I couldn't have picked a better time to invest in one.

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Posted by GaspoweR

This game would also probably win the award of "Title Most Likely Made In A Random Name Generator".

Posted by NoelVeiga

Tried the demo... not impressed.

I mean, not offended, either, but while the combat system does streamline things and congeals grind into a single turn it's still... well, straight-up JRPG-ish.

Nothing bad with that per se, but this year we've had Etrian Odyssey, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Ni No Kuni and more. It takes a whole lot more than retro sensibilities and a slightly more convenient grind engine to make me buy into one of these.

But hey, like I said, not offended or anything. This seems entirely competent, if you're into that kind of thing. It's just that, a lot like Xenoblades, I wonder if the lack of availability has inflated the hype a bit.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I was told this game was like Final Fantasy V, in that the plot is garbage but the job system is excellent. Sold.

Posted by Encephalon


Posted by TheMathlete

I can't wait for this to come out.

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Why does the North American box art have to be the much crappier one? Can't they be the same?

Posted by eccentrix

See, Gerstmann? If you start treating corporations like entities instead of groups of people, you end up with weird sentences like that deck.

Posted by MeatSim

Flying in a default position doesn't seem that brave.

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It's got a Job system, so I'm already convinced I might love it. (See also: FFT, FFV, DQIX, Al Snow's J.O.B. Squad Tactics Advance, etc)

If only Square would hire someone who could come up with game titles that don't sound like idiotic gibberish. I'm glad they're trying hard to claw their way back to coherency after Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, which (if you take the spaces out) looks like a username someone had to go with because KingdomHearts420 and KingdonHeartsFan2013 were already taken.

Posted by Hemmelight

Loving the FF Tactics style art!

I think this may push me into the 3DS camp instead of the VITA.

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Anyone worried about the microtransactions, letme explain what they are. In battle, you have this Brave / Default system, where you can take up to 4 actions at once per character, reducing their Brave Count by 1, but after that they have to sit out until their Brave count returns to 0. They get one Brave per turn. However, you can use Sleep Points at any time to get an action. Sleep points are earned by having Bravely Default on, and your 3DS in sleep mode. Every 8 hours you get one Sleep Point, up to a maximum of 3.

Now the Microtransactions come in buy allowing you to buy Sleep Potions, which completely refill your Sleep Points. I'm about 10 hours into the game, and have used Sleep Points once, and that was to complete a tutorial quest. I earned those points by having the 3DS Asleep. Unless there's something hidden somewhere that the manual doesnt cover, this is the only microtransaction in the game.

Also, the game is freaking incredible. The Demo they put out doesn't really do it justice, but that said, the Demo is a good 6 hours of content not in the actual game.

Also Also, in this weeks Bombcast when they were talking about Final Fantasy, I wanted to scream at my MP3 player that what they seemed to want was out (here in the UK), and called Bravely Default.

Posted by Flappy

I'll wait for the sequel.

Posted by Inresurrection

This looks so good. Can't wait to pick up a 3DS and Bravely Default. Need to satisfy that JRPG itch that always comes around this time of the year and it looks like this game will do more than that.

Posted by Agnosticwatermelon

Sounds like this is 2014's Xenoblade which is totally a good thing. I can't wait!

Posted by Accolade

1. I hate this chibi character design that they've going.

2. The website for the should be bravelydefault.aspx

Posted by kerrtoonDotCom

From now on I set all my defaults to Brave...

Posted by beard_of_zeus

This seems like a Final Fantasy game in all but name (which I'm totally cool with). It's very reminiscent of 4 Heroes of Light on the DS, from what I have seen.

I'm jealous Europe has this already (hey, you guys gotta win sometimes, though :P), but I will definitely be picking this up in February in NA.

It seems super crazy that they are putting out a demo that has completely new content, but if they have the resources, I'm all for it. It can be a bummer when you play a demo that is essentially just the beginning of a game, and then have to play through the exact same content again when you buy the game proper. Although some games have circumvented this by letting you transfer your save over to the full game, which is a totally acceptable way to solve that issue.

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@aegon said:

Why does the North American box art have to be the much crappier one? Can't they be the same?

They are the same aside from border colour and "flying fairy" in the title? The one with the different art is the special edition.

Posted by KigaKun

I don't really know about this but I will probably get the demo when it comes out and I'll see whether or not it's a shitload of f**k

Posted by Catolf

Once I get me another 3DS this game is so I'm my list.. I better preorder the boxset.. *nodnod*

Posted by Aegon

@aegon said:

Why does the North American box art have to be the much crappier one? Can't they be the same?

They are the same aside from border colour and "flying fairy" in the title? The one with the different art is the special edition.


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