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Video not really working :S

Stopping at the exact same time, continuing after a couple of seconds then continuing with nice sound but with stuttering video ..

The tournament sounds like a cool thing, but I bet that the super duper into-it smashers will hate the rules Nintendo will put up :D AND I WILL LOVE IT! The smashers are so protective of their "own" thing

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So does the audio cut out for anyone else?

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poor reggie

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The audio should be fine now.

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....What is going on? Why is Nintendo so weird? Why does it seem like Mega64 is involved in a lot of this stuff? I remember they were involved in some sort of Sony/Hideo Kojima thing as well

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If this is their way of stealthily revealing that Reggie is a playable character then I could be okay with that. Also, this just further cements Mega64 as the go-to E3 announcement guys.

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Oh Nintendo... first that Tomodachi Life craziness, now this. What is going on. Nintendo are about to implode into a glorious mess.

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@tehjedicake: You should watch that video of Kutaragi's Way they did with Ken Kutaragi recently, it was fantastic.

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I'm just gonna hit the Back button and pretend I never saw this.

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I really wish I found Mega 64 as funny as most people seem to.

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The fact that Mega64 gets paid to make stuff like this makes me jealous to no end.

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Woo Smash. Their choice of commentators/players is going to say a lot about how seriously they're taking this. Also wouldn't it be hilarious if the game turned out to be completely broken balance-wise?

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While I understand Nintendo trying to stop being a villain when it comes to the pro smash scene, I don't think this is going to really amount to much. I hope the new game is better than Brawl, but I'm extremely skeptical at this point and just assume it's going to be Brawl 2. I know they at least attempted to add a couple of "pro friendly" features, but that wasn't the problem with Brawl so again, I don't really see this doing much in the long run. I guess it's nice that they're trying without really trying??

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I'm digging Nintendo permitting itself to be represented in such silly ways.

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I'm really loving this new approach Nintendo is taking revealing their more comedic side and their self awareness

Also a Smash Bros. Tournament is a great idea. Competitive video games are a hot thing right now and streaming a live annual tournament every year would be fantastic. They used to have the Nintendo World Championships which were E-sports before E-sports were a thing basically, but they stopped doing them. I've always thought they should bring something like that back to get some more recognition with the hardcore gamers

Say what you will about Smash Bros. (I'm looking at you Jeff) but A LOT of people take that game seriously

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I thought it was pretty funny.

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I prefer this Nintendo.

I also prefer them streaming tightly produced packages at E3, instead of putting on a cringe-inducing press conference that's 70% filler, 20% awkward speeches, 9% pausing for forced applause and 1% interesting games.

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That was dumb and great.

I know it's a slim chance, but I'm willing to bet money that Nintendo will reveal a game featuring Mario.

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From what I saw at E3 last year it was just sad and embarrassing. If they want a smaller, more intimate setting, they should probably learn to do it right.

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This is the best kind of advertising. Based Nintendo.

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God bless you Nintendo. You crazy bastards.

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Super pumped! man, what if their e3 presentation is as wacky as their latest videos have been?

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That was good. I'm looking forward to this year's E3.

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I just don't get why people like Mega-64...

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I just don't get why people like Mega-64...

Why don't you? Do you think they're unfunny? Can you consider different people have different senses of humor?

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Same. Also, showed it to a few friends who had no idea about Nintendo's situation, and they thought it was hilarious. Got them interested as well.

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Hmm, I'd argue them not putting on a conference last year actually hurt them. I can see why they didn't with Sony and Microsoft overshadowing them but this year it shouldn't be exactly the same. Least that my opinion.

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That was dumb. I enjoyed it.

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Well, that was a thing.

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My body wasn't ready. Probably due to uncharged batteries.

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They should have tried getting away with having the mech's recharge socket being Reggie's butt

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I'm just glad Nintendo has a sense of humor now. We could always go back to the old, chart-filled days of the early Wii era...

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The wait for a funny Mega 64 video continues.

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This is so silly, I love it.

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Stay weird, Nintendo! We need more weird.

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Play. The. Game. Mothereffers.

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Props to Reggie for taking part in that.

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Nintendo is the last company I would expect to bring on Mega 64, though I guess just about every other major company has made a video with them at one point.

You can tell they were forced to keep this one PG though, quite unlike the Ken Kutaragi video (which is understandable).

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MEGA64 do pretty great skits. I've never seen them do a really bad one and they have the balls to actually label themselves as pure humour, which y'know is pretty hard to pull off. First time I saw them was in the Shenmue skit and it cracked me up. I'm glad respected people like Reggie and Kojima agree to be part of their videos, they deserve it.

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@draxyle: They already did that video with Miyamoto years ago. I find it more surprising that it took this long for the less important people at Nintendo of America to do something with them.

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This is the best.

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This video is pretty darn funny.

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I really hope this and the Tomodachi Life video are a sign of things to come. This is fantastic

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Because why not.

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I love Mega 64 exactly because it is so slapdash and corny most of the time.

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I LoL'd