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@masturbatingestbear: I enjoyed it until the dub kicked in at least. Music based platforming is something i haven't seen much of, haven't played sound shapes yet either! Looks interesting though.

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@masturbatingestbear: I enjoyed it until the dub kicked in at least. Music based platforming is something i haven't seen much of, haven't played sound shapes yet either! Looks interesting though.

Sound shapes is cool. I'd say check it out if this video looked appealing to you at all.

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I don't know what everyone else so far is talkin about, this looks wicked dope! The music is very enjoyable too.

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For iOS? Or Vita? Or 3DS? Or downloadable game service?

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When and where can I get this. I need it.

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Oh man, this is so a designers game, all about the mechanics. This looks properly fun.

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another game ill probably buy purely for the soundtrack and never really play much

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Mentioned this in another thread but I can see myself being really awful at a game like this. Still looks and sounds amazing though, really glad to see the Limbo guys at work again.

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This is the sort of game I'd love to watch someone good at playing, but that person will never be me.

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Oh man, that is turning into one fresh beat at the end. I got Hot Chip vibes.

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Where do I get this game???

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This is an awesome quick look!

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Looks... interesting?

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Looks like a sequel to Sound Shapes, not necessarily a bad thing though.

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It's like a good version of Sound Shapes. I'm in.

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Making dem subs worth their weight in gold...

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What an amazing quick look.

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this looks fantastic

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looks great but i'm not sure how the gameplay would feel

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I like it!

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Sooo... Sound Shapes+The Impossible Game? Eh, it looks okay.

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Wow he did this in his spare time? No freaking way! ¬_¬

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Thomas Was Alone, anyone?

Been waiting for what Playdead has been up to, this looks cool as a stand-by.

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I like the concept, though it feels very sound shapes but honestly with any game with gameplay based around the music the music has to be good and i dunno, Half Step House? That's the best you've got?

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Game looks incred. All over it like a rash!

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Is this by the same guys that made The Impossible Game? Sure looks very similar.

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My problem with Sound Shapes was that it's controls didn't hold up when stages got difficult. This seems far more simplistic, though it has potential to feature better music than Sound Shapes (you know, IMO).

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This person is way more productive with their spare time then I am.

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nice, looks quite cool

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For the record, 99% of all game development ever happened on someone's spare time :-P Most of us are trying to get game dev done while making money off of other stuff, simply because shit don't pay.

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When I first heard about this, I was not at all interested. However, seeing this video makes me curious. I'd still like to see someone playing it to see how much of the game is truly interactive or just set-pieces.

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Looks and sounds dope. Release date?

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Shut up and take my money!

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A lot of people make games in their spare time. It's not a new thing...

This game looks cool, though. 140 would benefit by letting users insert their own music and have the levels operate based on what's being played. Maybe that feature's already there, I don't know. Other games have done this already, but I think 140 could use it too.

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I wouldn't compare it to sound shapes specifically, but it does remind me of an Atari styled sound shapes. Gameplay wise of course doesn't seem too similar.

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This looks fucking rad.

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Yeah, so when can I play this?

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