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Oh god yes, finally. I sat down and saw it was like three minutes before the time in the schedule and said "Okay fuck, I'm going for it."

That was a really entertaining video. I never would've guessed Nolan North is that cool.

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Fish outta the water!

Edit: man, I was that close?

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This is going to be awesome. Is he being on the entire bombcast to much to hope for?

Edit: Nolan seems like a totally likable, affable guy!

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Peter North?

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I think I just got pregnant.

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Dude, holy crap.

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*girly scream*

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Damn, thought this was going to be live. No worries though, this is all good. 38 minutes with Nolan North is a lot of minutes with Nolan North.

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Holy shit.

Holy Shiitttttttttt!

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This is the greatest. I haven't even clicked play and I know this as fact.

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This is simply awesome!

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the feature years in the making.

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Nathan Drake is in the Giantbomb office Nothan North just said he wrote back to a blind person.....not sure how well that turned out for the blind person

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and the Northie goes too.... 
Edit: Bring him to the bombcast....nao!

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Giant Bomb & Nolan North crossing paths? Isn't this one of the signs of the apocalypse? :)

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Nolan North seems like a super cool guy.

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"He didn't get it so we put him down". I ROFLed.

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I don't think I am ready for this.

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That is one manly posture he has there in that still shot. Manly!

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This is pretty fascinating, I'll probably buy this book.

Also, Patrick's shirt is fantastic. DAAAAAAAAAA Bears.

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Patrick has bedroom eyes for Nolan.

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Nolan North, star of such games as Trauma Team and Driver: Parallel Lines.

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Excited about this one. I just need to nab my headphones first!

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Awesome, love this guy.

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@Cloudenvy said:

*girly scream*

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ahhh fuck. i can either watch this and be 20min late for work or wait until friday to watch this... the dilemma

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Nolan North has now infiltrated literally every medium that I use my eyes to ingest

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cool to see Mr North knows about and appreciates the Northies!

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Wow, Patrick really is fucking annoying.

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Great video, awesome interview! Giantbomb is spoiling me recently.

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Oh God, Nolan North is the best.

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Oh sweet Jesus, I have been waiting for Nolan North to get on GB for so damned long.

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Be still my beating heart!

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Now they need to get Jennifer Hale, they need shepard in the studios.

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This is fantastic.

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@Baillie said:

Wow, Patrick really is fucking annoying.

Yeah... I have always been kind of annoyed by Patrick on-screen, but he's especially bad in this video, trying to be funny all of the time and just babbling all over this interview. I'm not sure why they thought it necessary to put him on the couch.

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I could hear Nolan say anything.

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Cool, some actual game celebrities on GB.

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It is so surreal hearing that voice coming out of a live human's mouth. Also, Ryan is sweating like a dog.

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The man, The myth, The legend.

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Nolan North?

Get the FUCK out!