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Posted by Fushichou187

Vlambeer has yet to make a game that I haven't had an absolute blast with. Looking forward to the PS4 version.

Posted by TheHT

God, that music is so fuckin good.

Posted by mrfluke

Vlambeer 4 LIFE, buying this just to support Rami.

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It's so kick-ass!

Posted by rmanthorp

This game is DOPE.

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Posted by civid

After Luftrausers I'm pretty much willing to support anything these guys puts out... As long as it is on the Vita

Posted by WesternWizard

@theht: The tracks from this trailer which were all used in the original version (Wasteland Kings) they made that lead to this are available on the musicians bandcamp

http://kozilek.bandcamp.com/album/wasteland-kings-official-soundtrackHopefully once the full game is done they put together a final soundtrack of everything since I'm assuming the new levels will get new tracks.

Posted by xbob42

Considering picking it up on Steam right now, but apparently the game will be cheaper than the early access version for a while after it's out of early access... which seems... backwards. "Pay more to help us beta test!"

I mean, unlike most people, I really dig early access because even though not every project will make it to completion, that's kind of the exciting part for me, seeing a game take shape and maybe even fail, instead of just hearing about some cancelled game years later or never hearing about it at all.

But... you don't charge MORE for me to help you test your game, you do like Minecraft and charge more as the game becomes more complete! That's how it got so successful, it was cheap for a long while so lots of people bought it and told their friends about it. It wasn't $50 at pre-alpha 0.1, it was a few bucks.

Anyway, it's only like $13 anyway, so I can just skip my hookers for the night, but that's not the point!

Game looks awesome either way!

Posted by xfuturesx

This music and the desert setting for the first few levels give me a strong Trigun vibe in a really good way.

Posted by Rmack

@xbob42: Yeah, I bought the game while hungover and not even reading the text saying it'll be cheaper later on. So, while part of me feels ripped off, the other part is happy because I've been playing the damn game for a few months now.

Posted by Camorak

@xbob42: the idea is that it's a privilege to be able to play the game before release, you get the opportunity to help shape development, access to the Twitch development streams and want to support Vlambeer. The reasoning behind it had been explained by Vlambeer.

I see the idea of games being cheaper and games being more expensive in early access as valid ideas depending on how you look at them and what you're getting.

Posted by bemusedchunk

WHEEEEEN!!! My vita needs this.

Posted by MrKlorox

I would have bought the fuck out of this game if I didn't have a personal policy against buying Early Access games. Looking forward to it for sure.

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Following this game's development has been as exciting as it is to play.

<3 Vlambeer

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After I accidentally downloaded Super Crate Box, then not-accidentally downloaded Luftrausers, I can't friggin' wait for this.

Posted by Zainyboy

Yay! Another reason to celebrate owning a Vita!

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Picked this up on steam a little while ago, it makes for a perfect early access title, just fire it up for a few short bursts once every few weeks.

Posted by ajroo

Cant wait for this to hit PS4. Day one buy for sure.

Posted by jarowdowsky

Remember, don't pick up the small weapon boxes!

Posted by craigymail

Madness, madness I say!

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@xbob42: We very explicitly do not treat this as a beta test - we have testers and everything working on the game. Basically, the game was 'a complete game' months ago, but we just wanted to see people play the game to figure out where we could add new things or remove old things. At this point, we're just pushing beyond scope, and not having to worry about 'finishing' the game has been amazing. We just add fun stuff. Did someone in the chat say "Lightning gun"? Let's add that.

The idea is that we livestream development every Tuesday and Thursday (1PM CET-5PM CET) and update the Early Access build every Saturday. It's a pretty heavy schedule, and we kind of felt that that would be worth $1.

The way we see it, we don't need "a lot of players" to play the game right now, we just need those that do to really care. Until the game 'officially' launches, we've promised to not do a single sale while the game is in Early Access. Nuclear Throne is literally $12.99 until launch, no exceptions, no surprises. We believe 'pre-launch' is not a point to be having sales - it's a way to build community and get eyes on how people play the game.

The good news is that if people do not agree with that pricing, they can literally just wait for the game to come out. We felt that'd be the most fair way to do this. If people want to be part of the whole journey to the game release, or they just want to support us while we develop Nuclear Throne, they can do that now.

Posted by NEONBEAR

i hope it has cross-buy

Posted by Frabba

Totally a buy.