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Posted by buckybit

seen it on youtube today - hilarious! creative!! :)

Posted by geinarm
Posted by sjolle


Posted by Vinny_Says

those faces are fucking weird

Edited by BulletproofMonk

What was that? I'm sorry, didn't catch you. Would you repeat it?

Posted by DeavonW

Gimme coop then we will talk
Posted by JoeyRavn

As always, the Magicka trailers are incredibly funny and well-thought. I still have to get into the game, but man, it is really funny. My only fear is that they try to go the TF2 route with the robes DLCs, trying to turn them into them into the new hats.

Posted by StealthRaptor

So do I put the lime in now.......or later?

Posted by FritzDude


Posted by august

@DeavonW said:

Gimme coop then we will talk

Dosen't it have co-op?

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

@DeavonW said:

Gimme coop then we will talk


Posted by MisterMouse

hahaha that is awesome! Man the stuff that they have done for this game is awesome.

Posted by Animasta

these trailers are almost better than the game

Posted by Rayeth

The best part is that if they tighten up the controls and bit and fix some of the lagginess, this game could easily turn into a very fun competitive PvP game.

Posted by Jaconius

Fucking amazing.

Posted by Tennmuerti


Posted by 49th

inb4 I'm a wizard herp derp

Posted by crusader8463

I love the trailers they make for this game, I just wish it wasn't so dam buggy. Did they ever work on the check pointing? After the 10th time fighting to the end of a chapter only to have the game crash at the exact same part and require me to start from the beginning I gave up on it.

Posted by Oginam

I wish I liked the game as much as these trailers.

Posted by Butler

"I'm a wizard and that looks fucked up"

Posted by fox01313

Love the videos like this & the humor of the game, too bad that the Vietnam expansion (with the bad gun combat) made me lose interest in it for the time being. Might go back to try to finish it off but not right now as I think it's going to take a bit of time to get used to the spell combinations in order not get discouraged even more while trying to get back in the groove of the wacky controls of this game.

Posted by Vexxan

That is sooo awesome.

Posted by MysteriousBob

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am.

Posted by TorMasturba

Good video, great effort, didn't laugh once. Sorry...

Posted by bobtastic715

Herp Reservoir Dogs derp

Posted by ThePickle

I would pay a lot of money to see this actual movie. Lots.

Posted by Patman99

Now that is awesome! Totally get that feeling when playing this game sometimes.... I wish more game trailers were silly like this one.

Posted by patrick

@bobtastic715 said:

Herp Reservoir Dogs derp

Shh, it's always funner when people don't understand what's going on.

Posted by nERVEcenter

RESERVOIR DOGS! Fuck yeah! That trailer kicked ass! Arrowhead is fucking brilliant.

Posted by FlipperDesert

Vlad just... Vlad just gives up. 
Awesome, I really should complete Magicka sometime. 

Posted by ZeroCast
@DeavonW said:
Gimme coop then we will talk
This isn't Trine 1 brah.
Posted by DuskVamp

Great trailer! I really wanna try this game out.

Posted by SpacePenguin

Remember they said this game was coming to XBLA, is that still happening, or did it get canceled?

Posted by Mumrik

likes this.
Not going to be playing it, but it's a nice trailer and fits their vibe well.

Posted by Bismarck

I want a robe like that :<

Posted by Sarkhan

Haha, that was awsome! I should really just go and buy it now...

Posted by MeatSim

Reservoir Dogs would be better if they where all wizards.

Posted by pastabot

Reservoir Dogs, nice.

Posted by Lonely_Ogre

This kind of trailer reminds me a little of the old Smash Bros 64 trailer.

Posted by Ghost407


Posted by jorbear

I still love Magika.

Posted by Popogeejo

I love these guys.

Posted by loopy_101

"Some guy on another job is Mr. Pink" XD

Posted by Kinggi

Freakin awesome!

Posted by Brackynews

I'm really glad they updated the Steam package to have all the new DLC, but I didn't expect the package to double in price at the same time. That's a lot of content. O_o Ah well, good time to get into it.

Posted by Seedofpower


Posted by Zace

Easily the best game promotion video ever.

Posted by Anwar


Posted by lockwoodx

@Laketown said:

these trailers are almost better than the game

I think the game is just as great for its scale and price point.

Posted by Mikemcn

@DeavonW said:

Gimme coop then we will talk

Dosen't it have co-op?

It has co-op
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