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I warned everyone... but you wouldn't listen.

I told you that the QTE-based campaigns in all of the big budget FPS games would lay the groundwork for the resurgence of the on-rails point-and-click half-assed lightgun genre. But now it's here, it's real, and there is no undoing it. I hope you're happy.

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Can't wait for the quick look or UPF.

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PS2 GOTY 2013.

This game's gonna make for one hell of a Quick Look.

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jesus christ.....

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Wait, is it just me or is the helicopter around 01:15 clipping through the ground?

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The spirit of the Playstation 2 is strong in this one.

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What is up with the crappy black shadow around characters in games that abuse the bloom effect? I've seen it in plenty of games and it looks horrible. Not sure why it's becoming a thing.

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Why you pushin' me?

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I cannot wait to play this garbage.

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Is this a light gun game?

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Looks like the Arcade shooter from 3 year ago. I'll def be buying this when it drops in price. Looks to fucking good not to!

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Far Cry 3 but Rambo??? MUST PLAY

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A game set in the 80s and 90s, and made in the 80s and 90s.

Ok, I'll be fair. It looks like it was made in the LATE 90s.

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Rambo: Holding the right trigger for 4.5 hours.

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See, this should be the next Far Cry 3 expansion. Blood Dragon perfectly leads us to Rambo.

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So is this a phone game?

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Is this like a light gun game?

Gotta be, the only time he is moving and shooting is a turret sequence

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What year are we in right now where a Rambo game is coming out?

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Kinda awkward how Rambo teams up with the Taliban in Rambo III.

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It's on rails? ...

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Know what? I don't give a fuck I WANT TO PLAY THIS.

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@undeadpool said:

You guys can laugh all you like, but I think it's GREAT that they're STILL supporting the PS2 after all these years...what?

That was awesome...

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After such hits as 101 Dolphin Pets and Bird Mania 3D how could this possibly be bad?

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If this isn't perfect Endurance Run material, I don't know what is.


The quick look glory awaits.

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I heard that the fish swim away from you in this.

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you guys april fool's is 5 months from now

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Need that limited edition figure now!!!!

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Is this the really buggy looking one that had a trailer awhile ago? It... it looks dumb in a way I can get behind. ^_^

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What the F did I just watch? He shot an arrow into a cluster of huts made out of wood and grass and an explosion covering a one block radius went up instantly?

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@undeadpool said:

You guys can laugh all you like, but I think it's GREAT that they're STILL supporting the PS2 after all these years...what?

Aren't you on the wrong website? I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be reading some comic books or something.

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Please please let this come to the US, I'd totally play it because of its badness.

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Video game Rambo better treat flesh wounds with gunpowder that he ignites to exhaust flames shooting out of the entry and exit wound.

This happened in the movie, and it is a very important part of his character development because

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This isn't a Wii game?

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Rambo is in big head mode all the time.

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This looks fucking amazing! They burst into giblets!

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So in the First Blood part you're just mowing down hundreds of cops?

Also, those people are super shiny, this looks like an original XBox game.

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Somebody reminded Sylvester Stallone that video games exist.

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My brain hurts.

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So this is a lightgun-type game? Also, no forth film? Also, why?

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I hope the developers get the Terminator licence next.

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YES! YES!!!!!!

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Finally, a true next gen game

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I will play this.

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kinda want to preorder it just for the figures

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this looks AMAZING