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S... seriously?

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wow what a pile of shit

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Cool that this PS2 rail shooter is finally getting a HD re-release!

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Doesn't look that bad for a mobile game. Thats a mobile game, right?

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@recspec: Shoot yeah man! And it has all of the Rambo movies, yes ALL of them.

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Gee, I didn't know people could explode like that.

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Endurance Run.

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This looks like it would be a fun 10 minutes at Dave & Busters not a real video game for home consumption.

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@kylekrane: YO DAWG! thats because it happens in the film and shit! Maybe... I don't know... doest it? either way this game looks fucking terrible (Terribly great!)

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Did we go back to 2007 and nobody told me? What's with the everything associated with visuals of this game?

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All the 80's hair.

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Game of the Year?

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Sooooo, it's a lightgun game?

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I TOLD you that the Game 'n Watch was coming back!

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God please no... games are getting bad enough

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I unrealistically hoped for a modern Rambo video game since the start of last gen, thinking that it was the type of video game material you couldn't possibly mess up. When I saw the video and the description, I lit up with excitement thinking Alex was describing it in a good way. And then... Goddammit. God. Fucking. Dammit. They couldn't even bother to make it a shitty CoD clone, it looks even worse than that, WHAT the FUCK.

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Rambo III for the Genesis is, and remains, one of my favorite games of all time. Dat dungeon music and the no-shooting glitch made me love it.

This game looks like it will be a bit harder to love.

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This looks like nothing but QTEs and turret sequences. The firearm aiming looks like Goldeneye.

It looks spectacularly bad. I can't wait for the QL.

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@mrgtd: In the movie Die Hard there were only 7 terrorist. But in the console game I've killed at least 100 guys while I was on the roof because I couldn't figure out what to do. These guys just kept spawning until the roof was littered with their corpses. I'm afraid Rambo will get a similar treatment. While it will largely follow the events seen in the movie they'll probably insert plenty of opportunity to kill people (to keep things interesting) which will result in a much higher death toll. But maybe they'll restrain themselves and won't allow you to kill more than one person... nah, probably not.

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Pretty sure this was the Rambo game Jeff was talking about when they went to a Japanese arcade FIVE years ago.

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I don't understand.

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did Stalone get into maya? this kind of looks like one of his paintings come to life

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@mrgtd said:

reminder that in First Blood he only kills one person

Wait, no... really???

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Oh man, how will that gunner ever recover from being thrown three feet into a shallow bed of water?

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I bet this game uses the same tech as the developer's Heavy Fire Games. Actually, I'm willing to bet that this is just like one of their Heavy Fire Games, but with levels ripped off from the Rambo movies.

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